Pepper Potts
Pepper Potts
Portrayed by Gwyneth Paltrow
Full Name Virginia "Pepper" Potts
Age 33
Height 5'8"
Build Slender
Eyes Green
Hair Strawberry Blonde
Skin Caucasian with freckles


Currently the talented and organized personal assistant to Tony Stark. The singular reason that Mister Stark has any hope of surviving in the real world.


Pepper is a VERY well known public figure due to her close affiliation with Tony Stark, having had a few articles written about her in major financial and celebrity publications. She is alternately seen as a brilliant professional or as a gold-digging harpy, depending on the publication, the phase of the moon, and who knows what all other factors.


Virginia Potts is a native of New Haven, CT, the daughter of modestly well-to-do parents. From early on, she proved to have a surprising aptitude for mathematics, as well as a keen organizational sense. She was saddled with the nickname 'Peppermint Patty' in the eighth grade when an unfortunate haircut paired with her copious freckles were immortalized in the school yearbook. She made the best of it, though, and over the span of her high school years managed to shorten the nickname to Pepper.

After graduating from high school, Virginia went on to attend a community college in New Haven, earning an Associates degree in Accounting. At this point, she realized that student financial aid would quickly drown her in debt, so she relocated to New York City and took an entry level accounting position in Stark Enterprises. It wasn't anywhere close to a prestigious job, but it paid the bills and allowed her to start taking night classes at NYU.

Pepper spent a couple of years working diligently in the Stark Corporate accounting department and then was assigned to process expense reports for the top level executives — a real opportunity considering her planned career path. It was not long after she started these new duties that Pepper happened across an expense report that had a small, easy to miss error. If she'd not caught it, the company would have been out money in the quadruple digits. She took it personally to the CFO, who insisted on calling in the author of the erroneous expense report. It was none other than Tony Stark himself, who rewarded her honesty and sharp catch of the accounting error by promoting her to be his personal assistant.

Since then, Pepper has been Tony's personal assistant, accompanying him on his rise to CEO of his father's corporation and taking on the added duties and responsibilities that go along with it. Sure, she could have turned down the job at any time and gone back to Accounting, but why? The hours are atrocious, the amount of work she has on any given day is backbreaking, and sometimes Tony can be a complete and utter dog. But she wouldn't have it any other way.

Character Details

Pepper is, simply put, the driving force that keeps Tony (and therefore Stark Industries) running smoothly. This stems as much from her knowledge and skills as it does from the confidence to speak up when she's correct and not let anyone intimidate her into backing down. Having had the support of her parents in pursuing her chosen career is a huge reason for her quiet and rock-solid confidence.

At her most basic core, Pepper is organized and analytical. As long as she can control her environment, she'll remain on an even keel. Strip away her control, and she'd fall to pieces. Probably why the whole Iron Man stint has been so difficult for her to mentally and emotionally reconcile (not that she'd ever mention it, or possibly isn't even consciously aware of it). Tony going off somewhere and doing something she has no hope of controlling SCARES her. This isn't because her carefully crafted and assembled existence would collapse like a house of cards (which is always a possibility where Tony's concerned), but more because of her emotional investment in her job and her boss. She's reached the point where she'd honestly become distraught if anything happened to Tony. And she'd very likely be unable to articulate why.


Image Name Relationship Notes
tony_stark.jpg Tony Stark Boss Genius. Billionaire. Playboy. Philanthropist. Iron Man. Can't remember his own social security number without Pepper.
Natalie.jpg Natalie Rushman Coworker Natalie from Legal. Honestly, only noteworthy because she so completely brushed off one of Tony's 'friendly' greetings.
dana-rune-KBprofile.jpg Dana Hunt Friend Originally a photographer on retainer for Stark Industries. Got to talking with her and she's good people, even if her extended family on her father's side is … different.
600full-ellen-page.jpg Evelyn Wolstenholm Acquaintance Synthetic human but nice enough. Haven't seen her in a while, though. Considering contacting the CIA to see if she's all right.
Small%20Trent%202.jpg Aspect Acquaintance Computer hacker. Used some very unkosher methods to point out a Hydra agent. Still not at all sure he can be trusted. Having JARVIS track his movements.

RP Logs & Journals

March 08, 2019: Not Quite Good Bye

Three days after Pepper disappears through the rift Tony finds himself still trying to fix what has been done. But he's not quite alone.

(permalink: log:8411 | tags: iron_man nyc pepper_potts | posted: 08 Mar 2019 17:09)

March 08, 2019: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

After the attack on Stark Tower by the Sentinels, Tony fires up his collider to see if it actually works. Pepper walks in unexpectedly due to system failures. The collider loses power and thus loses integrity and opens a rift in time and space like a black hole. Pepper Potts is gone.

(permalink: log:8410 | tags: iron_man nyc pepper_potts | posted: 08 Mar 2019 16:33)

March 06, 2019: No Tolerance

The Sentinels come for Tony Stark. But he is not easy to catch, and he has friends. (emits by Nate).

(permalink: log:8408 | tags: iron_man nightcrawler nyc pepper_potts punisher sup x-man | posted: 07 Mar 2019 04:59)

March 05, 2019: Of Gott and Blue Elves

Pepper is doing some leg work in the Bronx when she's mugged. A humanitarian blue elf stops the robber.

(permalink: log:8407 | tags: nightcrawler nyc pepper_potts | posted: 06 Mar 2019 00:08)

March 05, 2019: Green Eggs and Ham

Pepper arrives early to get Tony ready for his book reading for the new orphanage they helped open. Daily things are discussed…just another day in paradise.

(permalink: log:8406 | tags: iron_man nyc pepper_potts | posted: 05 Mar 2019 16:11)

March 05, 2019: The Frankenstein Paradox

Tony considers the problems of what he helps create. (Pepper is amazing.)

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March 03, 2019: Easy as A B C

Pepper is burning the late night oil when an old friend comes calling - on the balcony of her office at Stark Tower.

(permalink: log:8403 | tags: darkedge nyc pepper_potts | posted: 04 Mar 2019 05:34)

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