Portrayed by Kendall Jenner
Full Name Unknown
Age 18
Height 5'7"
Build Spiky
Eyes Blue
Hair Red
Skin Red
Factions X-Men




None, except possibly urban-legendish of "that weird red monster girl".


Penance's story starts off with that of the St. Croix family. Wealth and influence weren't enough for Marius St. Croix. He turned to the study of darker things, dark magics, to gain power. His sister Monet was scornful of his efforts…she had always had a sharp tongue, and she never passed an opportunity to denigrate her brother and his silly efforts. This was the case right up to the point when Marius returned, offering to have her join in his efforts to rule the world. Monet responded in a characteristically caustic tone…which was the beginning of her troubles.

Finally having enough of his sister's big mouth and attitude, Marius transformed Monet, through his dark powers, into a red-skinned, untouchable, mute creature, unable to use her own mutant powers. From that moment on, Marius referred to his sister as "Penance" — Monet's own sort of penance for her 'holier-than-thou' attitude.

At the moment of her transformation, Monet's twin sisters came across her and Marius. Without knowing that Penance was Monet, the twins banished Marius to another dimension. But in the same banishment, Penance was sent away with Marius. Sealed in this other dimension, Marius used his sister to feed upon, draining her essence so long that he began to manifest certain physical traits that she had. The twins, meanwhile, merged into a duplicate of Monet.

Eventually, Marius returned, and Penance came with him. Through various adventures, eventually, in order to free their sister, the twins released Monet from the Penance body and took their place, leaving them as Penance for a time. Eventually, they left the form, leaving it an empty construct.

Now, Penance has returned. Is it somehow a copy of Monet's mind therein? Of the twins? Of all three? Or is it some new entity in the form? Sadly, her own powers make it impossible for anyone to ask…and impossible for her to tell. Only time will reveal what's going on inside the spiky red head.

Character Details

For better or worse…and it's generally for worse, Penance is a very shy and reserved being, especially when dealing with strangers, or someone who a friend doesn't vouch for. She works very hard to be quiet and unobtrusive, staying out of sight, or in the background whenever she can.

While she is a shy and reserved person, Penance is also a very curious individual. Much of her life isn't really consciously accessable to her…there's enough of her there for her to -know- that she's been changed, and what she's lost…but she can't really access what she's lost. Because of this, she's much like a very young child…she's curious about almost everything, and it's that, more than anything else, that's likely to draw her out of her shell and get her to associate with the people around her.

Ultimately, Penance is a very feral individual. She has a natural defensiveness and exhibits definate territorial behavior. Once she finds a territory that she considers her own, she will fight off anyone she feels to be intruding on it…and given her innately dangerous nature, this is likely to end with the demise of the intruder. She is likely to exhibit this same possessiveness over people or things that she considers "hers", as well. Much like a dog might defend its owners or growl if someone goes after their favorite toy, Penance is likely to get rather bloodthirsty if someone goes after something that belongs to her…at least in her mind.

When pursued or cornered, Penance's "fight" reaction is a frightening one. Her current condition makes her exceptionally fatal should she choose to attack someone with intent to kill, and she will attack as an animal does; using 100 of her resources, without holding back in the slightest, and with full intent to kill. When in these states, she will attack not only the person who has evoked this reaction, but will also vent her anger on the inanimate objects of the area, becoming a frenzy of slashing destruction.


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