Portrayed by Lenora Crichlow
Full Name Claire Alyssa Fontaine
Age 27
Height 5' 5 1/2"
Build Average
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Medium Brown
Skin Cafe Au Lait


Fame? Wasn't that a TV show or something? Me, I'm just a librarian.


One has to be well-known to have a reputation. For her entire life thus far, Claire has quite thoroughly been a complete and utter nobody. You might as well call her a ghost.


Claire Alyssa Fontaine really had a very mundane upbringing… as mundane as one can be when born and raised in Gotham City. Average childhood, average parents, average schooling, average, average, average. Yawn. Well, until high school. Being the quiet and bookish sort, she was never the popular kid, and she never felt the need to be. She had her origami and her books. And then she had more.

When her parents asked how she managed to fold enough paper cranes to cover her entire bedroom ceiling, she lied and said friends from school helped her. And she didn't explain how they ranged from the simple basic cranes most people know how to make to some almost approaching realistic proportions. After that, she kept her newfound ability to manipulate papers of every variety VERY quiet, especially considering the increasing amount of negative airtime about mutants on the news. And, while she got more and more engrossed in practicing her abilities quietly, she got left behind by her peers on the whole internet social media craze. She found herself to be totally okay with that.

Taking her secretive abilities and her love of books as a cue, Claire went to college for "Library Sciences". Ridiculous name, but something she actually wanted to do. It was slow-going and beyond painfully expensive (student financial aid just doesn't really cut it anymore), but finally things are shaping up. She has her masters degree, a full time job at the central Gotham Public Library, crippling student loan debt, and a shoebox of an apartment that she shares with her cats George and Mitchell. … What? Those are the names the cats had at the adoption center.

Character Details

- Quiet Snarker: C seems bland and humorless, but if she could just muster up the intestinal fortitude, she'd make that Daria cartoon person seem MILD in comparison.

- Voluntary Luddite: Claire missed the boat on the whole internet social media thing. She can use a computer and a smartphone, but why bother? Pen and paper are so much better.

- Pokerface: Violence is never the answer. Especially not if just staring someone into backing off works equally well. Most of the time.

- Trivia Brain: Nowhere near Eidetic, Claire is still extremely well-read and has a decently good memory. She can dredge all KINDS of random and pointless information out of her brain, along with names, phone numbers, the dewey decimal number for the hardcover copy of 'Origami for Connoisseurs'…


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