Portrayed by Sean Blakemore
Full Name Morien Washington
Age 28 (3528)
Height 5'10"
Build Athletic
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Black
Skin Coffee Brown
Factions JLA:Avengers


Morien Washington is known as the new CEO of Umoja Unlimited. He recently replaced his brother as the major stockholder and owner after his brothers murder./Ozymandias is an immortal being. He now operates as a mercenary and crime-fighter.


Morien is not too well known outside of the business world. Ozymandias is known among mercenary community as being selective in the contracts that he works, but with a very success rate. He has rarely operated in North America.


In 1500 BC, when Pharaoh Thutmose I invaded Kush, Ozymandias was an established soldier that had long lost his stomach for war. When the Kush army was routed, Ozymandias fled to Jebel Barkel. He prayed to the God Amun to be spare him for this foreseeable death. Amun did not answered him, but an Egyptian Cobra spirit answered him. The Cobra was not happy about Ozymandias request. The spirit granted him immortality, but he would mark him and curse him that he could not stay away from conflict. The Cobra did not tell him the negative parts of the curse just that he would learn that there are things that are worse than death. Before Ozymandias could ask what could be worse than dying, the Cobra open his mouth and thousands of smaller mystical cobras swarmed Ozymandias. The cobras mummified his body, and buried him in the sand. He remain buried in the sand until the transformation of his body was complete which took about 700 years. He emerged from the sand with a variety of new powers. Since everyone that knew Ozmandias was dead, he establish a new identity something that he would continue to do, even to this day. Over the time, he rejoined the military and serve as soldier under the different Pharaohs of Kush. He was a soldiers in battles that conquered Egypt, helped rescue Jerusalem, and even the final battles that remove Kush dynasty from Egypt.
He spent the next few centuries traveling through the different kingdoms and civilizations that made their home around the Mediterranean Sea, working as a bodyguard, a hired soldier, and even spent a couple of decades teaching at the Great Library until Marcus Aurielius expelled all foreign scholars. He would serve as a soldier in the Roman army until the fall of Rome. These were dangerous times, and he fell back into his own security blanket of being a fighter than a soldier for the Moorish army. He was part of the Moorish army that invaded Spain. He remained in Spain, until the constant fighting and trying to keep his powers a secret was growing too hard. He returned to his home continent, and enjoyed the freedom of living in Africa. He made his way to Mali and became a scholar in the college of Timbuktu. He stayed in Mali and the eastern side of Africa for years, until the rise of slave hunter and African slave traders forced him south. He arrived in South Africa during the rise of Chaka. He was blinded from seeing Chaka's madness until he found himself slaughtered for not grieving for Chaka's mother death along with many others.
His despair over not realizing the madness of Chaka, and a little of regret for not doing more to prevent the slave trade sent him into a period of desperation in which he wished to punished himself. He allowed himself to be captured as a slave. He would come to America and suffered as a slave as he dealt with his depression His needs for conflict was greater than his need to wallow in depression, so when the Civil War broke out, he escaped to the North and joined the Civil War. He remained with the military in a various different identities until the middle of the Spanish American War. He continued serving with the military until he was killed in action during the Spanish-American war, and wasn't able to disguise the fact that he had survived being mortally wounded. He decided to start a new life in Cuba, and other islands in the Caribbean and had adventures in Central America as a mercenary, fighter, translator, or guide, before he decided to make his way back to the United States. He made it back to America just in time to enlist in the United States Army for WWI, and was lucky to be a part of the regiments that were loan out to the French, and didn't have to spend the war digging ditches.
After WW1, he returned to the American South where he tried to protect a man from being attack by a mob, and was lynched beside him. He healed, and tried to steal some fresh clothes, but ended up arrested on a Southern chain gang. He learned in prison that even in these times that criminals are sometimes victims of circumstance, innocent, or have skills that can be used in his mission to fight against injustice. He escaped from prison, and made his way to Harlem. He worked as a bodyguard and enforcer from some mobster from 1920 until about 1935. He enjoyed Harlem very much, and still remembers this time as one of the most fulfilling times his life, being satisfied by the culture and needs for conflict. He still left Harlem, because he knows that he can only survive so many "deaths" before people get suspicious. He decided to return to Spain. He has hoped to seek work as professor, but got involved in fighting the Facists in Spain. After Facists took over Spain, Ozymandias decided to make his way to France, and decided to find comfort in military life again. He joined the Tirailleurs Sénégalais, enjoying the commadarie of being among fellow Africans.
His regiment was one of the many Tirailleurs Sénégalais that was massacred, even after they surrendered. This act left him to have an intense hatred of Nazis that only grew as he witnessed the other atrocities they committed. Traveling back to America, He assumed a new identity, and joined the 761st tank battalion where he served for the rest of the war. He was completely dumbfounded by the appearance of costume superheroes that were fighting the Nazis. It never even dawn of him to fight in a War in a costume, but after seeing the deeds of the costume heroes, he thought at the time being a costume fighter was something that he could never do. After WW2, he settle again in America for a short spell, and got involved in the early days of the civil rights movement. He served as soldier in Korea and Vietnam. The rise of other heroes, and the bloody battles made it nearly impossible to keep his identity.
After his 8th "death" during the war, he decided to just slink away from the country. He spent a couple of decades in the different Asiatic countries, enjoying for a first time a place that he had rarely visited in his life. After Vietnam, he spent time as mercenary in Asia countries, Africa, and Central America until the constant violence and political upheaval forced him to reevaluate his life. He had come to the conclusion that he could either watch the world burn as it has always been, or do his best to save as many people he could in hopes that the world could change for the better. He sold some treasure from a forgotten Kush tomb, and used the funds to establish a legitimate multinational company. He hired someone to play the role as the creator of the company. He wanted to always have a foothold in the criminal world that he could use for his advantage, so he began work as a costume mercenary. It provided the perfect cover to protect his growing company.
He was planning of building up contacts among the criminal world for twenty years, but that time was cut in half by the murder of the person pretending of being his CEO and brother. He quickly had to assume the identity of the CEO's brother to save the company. After stabilizing his company, he moved his costume mercenary identity to New York City to fight the forces of evil there. He still takes up the occasional mercenary contacts to keep up appearances.

Character Details

A mercurial personality that changes from being a joker to solemn on a moment's notice. He is a liar, a trickster,a manipulator, but he also extremely loyal too.


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