Portrayed by Sophie Turner
Full Name Barbara Gordon
Age 25
Height 5'6"
Build Unassumingly Fit
Eyes Blue
Hair Red
Skin Fair
Factions Bat Family


She's Batgirl. Enough said.


Coming into the Gotham scene at age 18, Batgirl has been part of Gotham's vigilantes for the last six years. She's known for her kickass motorcycle, purple-lined cape, and vibrant mane of almost too red hair.

Speaking of redheads, another prominent redhead of Gotham is the spunky, young head librarian known as Barbara Gordon. Niece and adopted daughter to the well-respected Jim Gordon, she's quite a presence in the public Gotham charity scene and has done amazing things to revitalize the libraries of Gotham City.


Earning a full ride to Barnard College in New York City, Barbara embraced her move from Gotham as a way to really focus on her goals. She was accepted into the Criminal Sciences department and began to work on her degree that would help pave the way for her to eventually apply for Gotham PD.

However, during her winter break visit her sophomore year of college, her uncle got wind of her plans and expressly forbade her from continuing this silly endeavor. He played every card he had, including the fact she was barely seventeen and had no idea what she really wanted to do with her life. Furious, she almost threw it back at him that she knew he was working with Batman — but then remembered how dangerous it would be to expose that secret.

Instead, she sought her revenge by dressing up as a girl version of Batman to the Winter Masquerade Ball as a subtle cut at her uncle. If he wouldn’t let her become a police officer, then she could instead become a vigilante. As luck would have it, before she could reveal to her uncle her costume, the Masquerade was hit by a group of masked goons headed up by the villain Killer Moth. They targeted the Ball’s special guest, Bruce Wayne. Using her training in martial arts, Barbara managed to hold her own against Killer Moth, allowing Bruce to escape with other hostages. Soon after, Batman arrived. The villain escaped in the chaos of Batman’s arrival.

Long last in the presence of someone she idolized, she was thrown off by his disapproving and warnings against the vigilante life. She felt that Batman was on the same side as her uncle, directing her off the path she felt was hers. She told him she was not backing down, that she would find and stop Killer Moth, with or without his help.

Taking her computer skills to the next level, Barbara hacked the Gotham City traffic system in order to track Killer Moth’s escape to his hideout, where she infiltrated and captured him. He was delivered to the nearest Gotham PD precinct with a little note attached to his costume:

To: Gotham PD
From: Batgirl.

On the last night of her winter break, Batman once again visited the Gordon home, but this time, he ended up in the garage while Barbara was working on her motorcycle. He didn’t come with compliments, but neither did he come with reprimand. He simply offered her a chance to do what she was meant to do: bring justice to an unjust Gotham. Only once she agreed did he reveal that he was actually Bruce Wayne. Dumbfounded, all she could do was accept the gift he brought: her very first utility belt, complete with her first set of batarangs.

That same night, Barbara announced to her aunt and uncle that she wasn’t going to return to Barnard, and instead transferred back to Gotham and enrolled in Gotham City University. Presumably dropping her wishes to become a cop, she instead majored in library sciences… with a minor in criminal law, of course.

Now with a Masters degree in library sciences, Barbara works as the head librarian of the Central Gotham Public Library. With a generous grant from Wayne Enterprises, Barbara oversaw a major upgrade to the library’s facilities and computer systems — including a remodeling of the attic space into an auxiliary base of operations for the Bat Family. She has worked with Batman for several years now, finding her stride and balancing her life as both a librarian and vigilante.

Character Details

Barbara is intelligent, mischievous, and confident. She enters almost every situation with the ease of a chameleon. She does not mind being the smartest person in the room, and is not terribly modest or humble about it either. She knows who she is, what she's capable of, and does not see the need to shy away from that.


To be determined.

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