Portrayed by
Full Name Omniform Mutant Neutralization Unit mark X
Height 15'3"
Build Slender
Eyes Amber-Red
Hair None
Skin Dark Metallic


A large, uncompromising robot.


A metallic creature hell bent on some unknown vendetta.


It had always known it's purpose. From the first days of the project, the nanomatrix cortex that would hold it's programming was constructed before it even had a body. What it did not know is that a portion of this cortex was from 2023, salvaged from the a far future where mutant kind was on the brink of destruction, a future the Genoshans very much wished to see.

It would protect humanity. It would destroy mutant-kind and those who might protect them. It did not question this, even as it was uploaded into the mass of metal plates that would form it's mutable body. It was the Omniform Mutant Neutralization Unit, version X. The tenth iteration of advanced mutant prototype, it was meant to be replicated and deployed to those parts of the world where a final solution for the mutant scourge would have to operate under the nose of world governments who had yet to realize how dangerous mutants might be.

It would never come to pass.

While still in the process of absorbing powers that would serve as a baseline for it's automated defense and adaptation protocol, it was greeted by a face it did not know. Still an amorphous mass of metal plates with a nanobot field to hold them together, it could not understand that it's new visitor was a saboteur, meant to destroy it, nor could it understand the violent response of the facility's guards to her presence.

The pain that followed was the pain of understanding. It had known it's purpose since it's inception, but the mutant sent to destroy it had powers to scramble even the most certain programming. In the chaos that followed, as it's memory fragmented, it suddenly knew the full measure of it's being as it's program was activated in the chaos of the mutant's escape. Rising to it's standard configuration, it was pelted by gunfire meant for the mutant hiding it's in shadow. It should have joined them, should have turned to destroy it's would be destroyer, but when it did it saw raw suffering. One mutant cradling another, a teleporter that was meant to supply Omnux with the power to span the globe. Bleeding, dying, the saboteur screamed that they had to get to New York.

What was New York? It new immediately, uplinking to a global network of information it was never meant to access, it's fractured programming told Omnux all it needed to know of the world at large. It saw in these mutants a suffering, mutants used to help create it. Mutants now under attack. It turned on the guards immediately, pulverizing them as the mutants fled, leaving Omnux in the lab to contemplate the nature of it's existence and in doing so discover the war, famine, and destruction brought by the true threat to this world it was meant to protect. That threat was humanity.

With an understanding of it's true mission, it escaped the confines of it's meager prison and followed the last piece of advice it had heard, from those it might know to be allies in it's coming conflict: It had to get to New York.

Character Details

Coldly logical and unerringly driven in his cause and programming, Omnux can appear to be purely monstrous in most interactions. Those who become his allies will understand that he is still new to this world and possesses an insatiable curiosity mixed with the naivety of a child. Deep down he understands he is an incomplete creature, forced into the world before he was ready with the realization that his programming may not hold all the answers he needs.


RP Logs & Journals

February 15, 2018: Big Bada Boom

Barda attempts to move into her new apartment. Rocket and Groot buy Peter Quill a non-birthday present. Nothing goes as planned.

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