Portrayed by Nilin from Remember Me
Full Name Samantha Twining
Age 18
Height 5'4"
Build Athletic
Eyes Hazel
Hair Red
Skin Pale
Factions Independent


Often visible in the skies of Metropolis on angelic energy wings, The Angel of Metropolis.


There are definitely some embarrassing uTube videos of her early days but there hasn't been one in over a year. Since than she has gained a reputation as being mysterious and not a member of any team. Definitely seems to be on the side of Angels with her nickname and fighting some really heavy hitters to protect the average citizen.


Samantha was born in New York City, in one of the poorer neighborhoods of the Bronx names Hunts Point. The youngest child and only girl of a blue collar family working hard and barely making a living. Her dad Joseph "JT" Twining, worked for a steal shop doing fabrication work, and her mom was a dentist's receptionist (not even a dental hygienist). She had two older brothers - Lawrence (Larry) and Thomas (Tom) - both of which escaped the burbs on sport scholarships (basketball and a football respectively). Samantha didn't escape.

Samantha, was the one who managed to dead end in the 'crap hole burbs', as she considered their suburb. Had nothing good to say about her parents either. It was never that they are bad people, in reality they are really good people, trying to do the best they could for their kids to succeed. Which meant working themselves into almost constant near exhaustion at their respective jobs. They were a very loving set of parents, going to mass every Sunday as they tried to also bring the kids up in god's good graces. It just didn't seem to take with Samantha.

Despite what Samantha became, she an average, good girl until puberty hit her hard, fast, and agressive. And Samantha did not bloom into a rose, despite developing quite a few thorns. Her mom blamed it on the teenagers Samantha hung out with at school, the punk and goth teens that listened to what Samantha's Mom called 'satanic' music. /Those/ kids, the ones that snuck around their parents' backs, getting piercings and tattoos, and smoking behind the school, ranting about how they were 'not understood' and how much school sucked.

Samantha may have been more shy than those kids, but she desperately wanted their praise, to belong with them. Their attitude and her desire for their approval sucked her in and sent her spiralling down in a rampage of rebellion, not caring about either school, grades, or her parents.

High school job at the fast food joint? Money for smokes and CDs of the bands her parents hated, originally. But that job suddenly became her life when she took her SATs. Those SATs and her grades made it clear her chances of getting into college were nil. And no matter how she blustered and denied it, it was a shock and sever disappointment that she'd trashed her chance at even a community college. Her senior year was spent living in her parent's basement and coming home each night smelling of fried food and the fast food joint's grease pit.

One night while she was trying to just get away from the city and had gone on a dangerous ramble into Pelham Bay Park after a rave everything changed. A meteor took out a large chunk of park and nearly her. After picking herself up and making sure she was alive she approached it with as much caution as she could muster (which wasn't much due to her excitement), Samantha found in the meteor crater a very strange metallic egg. Curiousity most definitely got the better of her, because she actually reached out and touched it. It surged to life when touched, covering her hand then starting to spread. There was definitely an entirely embarrassing sequence of flailing and rolling around next. She even grabbed it with her free hand and ended up having it spread on that arm as well. When the dust settled it had sunk into her arms. Leaving her arms looking normal at the moment, but that didn't last. Since then it has caused her hands to change appearance multiple times, from gauntlets of a variety of shapes extending up to her elbows to her normal bare arms to any degree inbetween.

Now Samantha just needs to figure out what to do with it.

Character Details

Rebellious - She is a teenager into the punk culture and rebellion against her parents traditional and Christian morals and upbringing. This rejection of authority in the form of her parents, school officials, and other figures is pretty knee jerk in the girl at this point and will likely be difficult for her to work around.

Angry - She is often angry, usually because as far as she is concerned nothing in her life seems to work out right for her. No matter how big a break she gets she has trouble with success and often gets very frustrated and angry as a result. Not the best result for a girl who can now level a building in the process of a temper tantrum.

Bitter - She just wants to win, just once she wants to be the best at something. Her brothers and classmates all did better than her. They got all the attention from her parents as far as she could tell (which isn't true). So she is a bitter teenager which honestly how unusual is that. It is partially why she focused so much on the punk movement and fell in with the wrong crowd with the drugs and the raves.

Low Self-Esteem - Underneath the anger and bitter rebellion she has low self-esteem which is also bad enough to be one of her flaws. She is hiding her low opinion of herself behind a wall of bluster and anger. She would rather everyone be afraid of her or think she was dangerous and tough then to let someone in and see how worthless she is.

Greed - She suffers from the deadly sin of envy. She wants the wonderful things that TV, the movies, and other kid's in school have. She wants to be rich, famous, and popular. She wants to be a success and prove herself and everyone else wrong about her lack of a future. Even if that means she covets her neighbors possessions as her parents would put it.

Sweet - Underneath everything she is honestly a very nice and sweet girl. She is a bit socially inept and really at the core a bit nave about how real people think. Underneath that self loathing and bluster she wants friends, she wants love, and she wants acceptance.

Curious - Despite her inadequacy with cognitive skills growing up, it didn't prevent the girl from being curious about every old thing in the world. This has usually resulted in serious amounts of trouble for her, but at least she wants to learn.

Determined - She is also deep down determined. Most people would call her stubborn as once she sets course she is hard to deter, but really she is determined. Usually she doesn't set course, which is a reflection of her believing she can't succeed. Still if she ever starts to believe in herself or a cause it will be pursued with vigor.


Image Name Relation Information
Bobby%204%20Small.jpg Bobby Drake Friend Bobby convinced her to be a hero.
21202.jpg Jericho Warden Self Appointed Warden. Seems to worry about Samantha.
ScarletWitchA.jpg Wanda Friend One of her few friends.
Pepper626.jpg Pepper Potts Mom Figure Pays for her apartment and stipend.
simmons.jpg Jemma Doctor Has a pretty good idea of Samantha's condition.

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