Portrayed by James Spader
Full Name Jeremy Launders
Age 35 (56)
Height 6'
Build Athletic
Eyes Red
Hair Brown
Skin Caucasian
Factions Winter Court


Nukem was once a well-liked, if rebellious, member of the British super hero team known at The Guard. He is presumed dead from the same explosion that killed all of his team except for Sensation (Now known as Alchemist).


Nukem was the most rebellious of The Guard. Often times causing problems that his team mates would have to clean up. He has a temper.


Not much is known about Nukem. He first came onto the world stage as a punk kid trying to clean up his neighborhood in Ireland. His abilities to cause explosions at will got the attention of the British government as well as several terrorist groups. He would up a part of The Guard and was a member for 10 years before a nuclear explosion took out the team in the British countryside. All except for Alice Walker, A.K.A. Sensation/Alchemist.

Character Details

Brash and a little full of himself he has a reason to be with his abilities. The man is prideful and has a temper. But he can also be very charming and warm, making people like him for his roguish demeanor. But he has a volatile temper. Literally.


Queen Mab - In exchange for the lives of all his team mates she granted him great power and eternal youth. One problem…one of them is still alive and kicking.
Alchemist - Once team mates they are now enemies. He killed her team, destroyed her life, and then kidnapped her daughter. He is meat to be wasted.
Kendra - Nukem used the faerie magic granted him by Mab to pretend to be the boy she liked. Wooing her until he was able to whisk her off. There is a definite Stockholm syndrome with real feelings tied up between them.

Nukem is Alice/Alchemist's NPC. Please ask to use him before you do. And if you do get me the log so I can make sure to keep everything accuracte.

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