Noemi Nogueira
Portrayed by mesarthim
Full Name Noemi Nogueira
Age 23
Height 5'0"
Build Athletic
Eyes Amber
Hair Black
Skin varies


Noemi Nogueira: by day, a graduate student in Empire State's chemistry department. By night… often also that same thing, but also a community activist in Mutant Town.


Noemi is not particularly remarkable as a student of chemistry, and may be held to be skating by on her mutant powers. As an activist she is well known by many but has not been gunning for an organizer's position, instead doing petition drives, going to protests, and helping unfortunate mutants with various trivial tasks that can be challenges when you're one of the less lucky mutants.

Recently she also got an internship. Hurray!


Noemi's childhood was normal until she turned into some kind of a quartz-creature and horrified her lower-middle-class family, who insisted she confine herself so they would not be embarrased by having a mutant for a child. Instead she "ran away from home" - fortunately it is not far from Rhode Island to Mutant Town. From there she was one of thousands, but she came out of it well.

Her life has been that of a college student if an indebted one living marginally in the big city. Fun adventures and good times intermingled with hard work and struggle.

The big problem that she has - internally, that is to say - is that she can sense the broad-spread injustice in society which had not been so obvious to her, thanks to a strictish household and numerous siblings to fuss over. This injustice seeps around the edges, even if she has encountered it in her unique way. The question arises of 'how do you handle it'? As well as 'how do you keep having a life and perhaps eventually finish college,' but that is a question of less unique nature.

Character Details

Noemi is a well-meaning young woman who cares about justice, social and otherwise, which has not - yet - driven her outside of the channels of semi-conventional activism. She has insecurities about her identity which she covers over with a projection of the loud tough street-smart person.


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