Portrayed by
Full Name Talia Josephine Wagner
Age 21
Height 5'7"
Build Athletic
Eyes Yellow
Hair Blue
Skin Blue
Factions X-Men


T.J. has no real fame on this world. Heck, she wasn't even BORN on this world. As a result, she's not generally known.


T.J. is one of the X-Men, and also very much impulsive, reckless, and leap-before-you-look.


Born on a parallel world, T.J. Wagner is the daughter of her world's Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch. Born to mutants, raised with mutants, T.J. was brought up in the Mansion, with the X-Men being her surrogate family…Uncle Scott, Aunt Jean, Aunt Kate and the like. She basically went to Xavier's School for her elementary school, not just her later education.

T.J. grew up as an effective member of the X-Men, helping them in the field, and becoming an effective superheroine. That changed when the Timebroker grabbed her up and she became a member of the Exiles. As a member of that team, she traveled a number of worlds, helping out and fixing problems from dimension to dimension.

After her adventures with the Exiles, she ended up on yet another Earth for a time, falling in with the Excalibur team. In that dimension, though, her adventures ended up sending her through the crosstime vortex of the lighthouse…where she ended up here in this world. Since then, she's gone back to Square One, returning to the place she knows best…the X-Men and the Mansion.

Character Details

T.J. is fun-loving, impetuous, and a natural-born heroine, with a zest for life and a devil-may-care attitude. Born to mutants and raised by mutants, she's proud of being a mutant herself, and where some might stress over looking different, T.J. embraces it. She was trained as an X-Man practically from the time she could walk, and she's got the instincts and the drive to be a hero, defend the helpless, protect those who can't protect themselves, and stand up for the rights of mutant-kind. She's also more than a little bit of a snarker, and her quick wit can be as painful socially as her hex-bolts and acrobatic butt-kickery can be physically.


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