Portrayed by Sean O'Pry
Full Name Colin King
Age 29
Height 6'0"
Build Lean and Athletic
Eyes Cerulean
Hair Sable
Skin Warm Ivory
Factions Hellfire Club



Among West Europe's upper crust elite, Colin King is a charming and well loved figure. He is intelligent, generous, and capable, and he spreads his money out, acting as a financier for a number of pet projects that he deems worthy of his backing. He's suave, debonair, and just present enough to hold an air of mystery about him, and just mischievous enough to keep things exciting when he's around, without falling into tabloid trainwreck territory. He's the best friend that everyone knows, but no one really knows anything about. As Ninja-K, he is a figure known throughout the world of criminal and terrorist organizations and the world of intelligence agencies. He is a shadow who seems invincible, and always gets the job done. For a price. He might be a bit of a loose cannon, but people are still willing to pay him because they cannot argue that he doesn't get results.


Born into a life of wealth and privilege, Colin King seemed to have it all, on the surface. In truth, his home was a cold and desolate place, with uncaring parents who were barely present, and an overbearing and malicious caretaker in the form of his butler. Colin never knew happiness in his childhood, and never knew empathy or compassion. He only craved escape. At a young age, he discovered that his parents were world traveling super spies for the British government, and that their marriage was mostly a cover story, and that Colin's father wasn't even his real father. Worse yet, Alain, the abusive butler that Colin had tried to kill numerous times, was in fact, his biological father and a former Russian intelligence operative who had blackmailed his parents into allowing him to be a part of Colin's life. Colin's mother lamented not having an abortion.

Armed with the knowledge that his entire life was a lie, Colin left his home. He traveled the world for a bit, learning and studying, and eventually coming into the fold of his family business. His "training mission" was to gather intelligence on a murderer who seemed to have mystical powers. His trainer and handler was the beautiful young agent, Angelina Alcott, and against the agency's policy, the two had a romantic affair. In fact, Colin actually felt love for the first time in his life. Unfortunately, a rookie mistake that Colin made blew their cover and as a result, their target ambushed them at their safe house. Colin barely escaped with his life. Angelina did not.

After he recovered, Colin paired up with a relative of Angelina's, a high ranking agent Neville Alcott, and the two planned to bring Angelina's murderer to justice. Together, they tracked him down to a remote monastery in the Himalayas. In the process of getting there, Colin was severely injured. Saved by the monks of the monastery, Colin became one of their students under the direct tutelage of the mysterious Undead Monk, a silent and presumably ancient figure that did nothing but sit in silence, and yet his instruction and will was known to his disciples. There, Colin learned the skills to heal his broken body, to live off of little more than grass and dew, and the martial arts skills that turned him into a lethal ninja assassin. In the end, Colin found his mark in the monastery and slew him, but was banished as a result.

From that point on, Colin joined MI-6's esteemed Ninja Programme, taking on the designation Ninja-K. Now, having inherited his family's holdings and wealth, he lives a dual life. That of the freewheeling, wealthy financier Colin King, and the freelance secret agent Ninja-K.

Character Details

Colin King is a social chameleon, able to blend in to any social circle at a moment's notice. He may seem charming and caring, but in truth, Colin rarely displays any true emotional reactions. Any feelings Colin displays are artificial, and any attempt to prod emotional responses are only met with deflection and disdain. Colin seems incapable, or at least unwilling, to impart any simple truths about himself, and he avoids any close contact with others as much as he can. Questions about his childhood are especially deflected, using distraction and digression in order to avoid the subject. His hard shell exterior serves as a protective mechanism, and his inability to trust makes getting any real psychological read on him nearly impossible. All of this, however, is designed to betray and belie a true, deep empathetic side to him. Colin desperately wants to belong and to have honest attachments, but for a variety of reasons, he is incapable of allowing them to form. He does tend to be the life of the party, though.


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