Portrayed by Ian Somerhalder
Full Name Richard John Grayson
Age 25
Height 6'
Build Gymnast
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Skin Anglo
Factions Bat-Family


Dick Grayson is the ward and adopted son of billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. While handsome and available, he tends to keep a low profile outside of the occasional paparazzi incident. Nightwing is another of Gotham's shadows, part of Batman's brood, but has gained some notoriety as a hero in his own right beyond the confines of Gotham.


To the wider public, Nightwing is known as one of the heroes of Gotham and especially as the personal savior and protector of the town called Bludhaven. In the hero community, Nightwing has a reputation for both incredible skill and a bit of an attitude. Cocky, self-assured and maybe even a little arrogant, he nonetheless has a habit of getting the job done and making it look easy.


Dick Grayson grew up as part of the Flying Graysons, a family of the world's most accomplished acrobats, generations of pure athletes of which he was the latest, shining light. When they were performing their circus act in Gotham, however, when Dick was only twelve, the real world intruded on the magic of the circus when an assassin murdered his family in cold blood, sabotating their rig and ensuring their deaths before a live audience as an act of revenge on the ringmaster. In the audience that night was a young billionaire named Bruce Wayne. Bruce took the boy in…and, in time, came to share his secret identity as the Batman. Driven by the same thirst for revenge that fueled Bruce's quest, Dick cajoled Bruce into training him as his partner, taking the name Robin after the Robin Hood stories he loved so much. Of course, everyone else just took it to be the bird. So he embraced it, wearing a red vest and showing just what a bird could do.

Years passed, with Dick growing more and more into the role of Robin. He proved himself time and time again in the street, even though some villains had a habit of taking him hostage, seeing him as vulnerable. That only made him tougher, though. As he got older, though, he branched out more and more. He met other young heroes and joined together to team with them - they became his closest friends and, at times, they regarded him as their leader. And, over time, his relationship with Bruce grew more distant - like any son, he was growing older, more rebellious, and he didn't like being told what to do. Eventually, it lead to a schism and Dick laid down the mantle of Robin. In its place, he designed a new costume, a new identity, a man's identity.

He called himself Nightwing.

In the years that have passed, Nightwing has become a prominent hero in his own right - and, along the way, he's matured enough to make peace with Batman and become part of his family once again. He mentors other young heroes while continuing to do work on his own. He's learned ot accept that he'll always be a bit in the shadow of the Bat - but there's plenty of room to fly in the shadows.

Character Details

On the surface, Dick Grayson is smirking, self-confident, playful and roguish. He has a habit of taunting his enemies and friends alike. A natural athlete and fighter, things tend to come easily for him that other people have to work hard at and he isn't in the least afraid of showing off. He was raised to be a performer, after all, and he's always aware of his audience. He was also raised to be a liar and a deceiver by his other father, Bruce Wayne. The mask of confidence he wears overlays the wounded heart that never quite healed after the day he watched his family tumble from the sky to land in bloody pools on the ground. Truly, Dick Grayson broke that day into a thousand pieces. The man that Batman helped put back together still has sharp edges, and they cut him as much as they do others. He hides his pain deep, though, maybe even deeper than Bruce, trying to pretend like he's over it, that he's moved on. He pursues fun and tries to make a normal life for himself, but the truth is he'll never be normal. Part of him will never heal and the only thing that ever makes it remotely better is putting a beating on those who deserve it. It may not be revenge…but it sure is satisfying.


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