Nick Fury
The Director
Portrayed by Samuel L Jackson
Full Name Nicholas Joseph Fury Jr.
Age 55 (??)
Height 6'2"
Build Tall and Broad
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Skin Brown
Factions SHIELD


Nick Fury has survived countless conflicts around the globe. He lost an eye, but you can bet the other guy lost a helluva lot more.


Tough-as-nails soldier and expert spymaster. If you want a job done nicely, find someone else. If you want it done thoroughly and completely — not to mention quick and silent — call Fury.


Most of Fury's history is redacted and classified above Top Secret.
Oldest known records of Nick Fury place him in Budapest during the Cold War working to root out double agents.
His service also has him spotted throughout Afghanistan and many minor to major sorties throughout the world.
To-current Director of SHIELD.

Character Details

This man does not suffer fools gladly. He's intelligent, clever, and usually three steps ahead of his opponents. He's also blunt, gruff, and entirely no-nonsense. Cross him at your peril. He never gives up.


Nick Fury is a staff-run NPC.
626 Fury is a combination of 616, Movieverse and Ultimates.

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