Portrayed by Karlina Caune
Full Name Lucia Kolodny
Age 23
Height 5'7"
Build Lean and athletic
Eyes Grey
Hair Black
Skin Caucasian
Factions Cyberforce


Lucia Kolodny is an object lesson in 'be careful what you wish for'. Born in Madripoor's Lowtown, she 'made good' when a technomantic talent with electronics manifested as a young girl, and while she has exceeded the limits of many since then, it has frequently come at a cost of her humanity, sanity and freedom. A recent escapee from Cyberdata, trying to reconstruct her own history and seek a healthier future for herself and others.


Former SHOC Troop. Lab monkey. Technomancer. In some circles she is known as an emotionless murderer; weapon of Cyberdata's corporate army. In the wider world she's largely an unknown, though whispers of her name in the circle of inventors and robotics engineers are a persistent rumour.


Lucia Kolodny was born in Lowtown, Madripoor. She has no memory of her father, but recalls that her mother was kind and worked in some kind of factory. She's reasonably certain there was other children, but cannot recall any further information about them. Her earliest memories include crawling over the trash pile of Hightown's discards for usable electronics that she would repair and sell to others.
She is reasonably certain that her left hand was lost and her right hand crippled as a child, but the details, as so many of her time before Cyberdata are lost, fragmented… recalled in nightmares of fire and steel. Included in these lost memories is when her powers first manifested at ten years old; targeted by some of Lowtown's gangs due to her maimed limbs, her cobbled together prosthesis was shattered and in terror she reached out for
help, and clouted the ringleader with the arm of a crane.

The fall-out from this 'fight' and the 'girl with the robot arm' was what first drew her to the attention of Cyberdata, who took advantage of her burgeoning ability. She was, in effect, purchased from her family and put to work. Given access to increasingly sophisticated robotics, schooling. Although in many subjects she was disinterested, flailing and ineffective… her appetite for all things related to technology could liberally be described as voracious.
In the interest of insuring her loyalty as she grew older she was fitted with a brain box and placed through the SHOC training, but her field work was supplemented with time spent in the laboratory refining augments that were subsequently used for other troops. This culminated recently in her being provided access to the raw material of the Godtech that had created and defined the SHOC program.
The full scope of this exposure is unknown at this time, even to her, but prompted her recent escape from Cyberdata.

Character Details

Drily sarcastic and brutally observant. She's intelligent, bitter beyond her years, and haunted. Inclined to reject involvement and hold others at arms length, the few that she trusts are considered family and to be defended with the ferocity of a thousand suns. Prone to disassociative fugues that will result in the adoption of different personality traits for short periods of time Lucia has the unenviable understanding that she is broken on levels she cannot hope to fathom or repair.


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