Portrayed by N/A
Full Name Neopolitan Adel
Age 20
Height 4'10
Build Slim
Eyes Varies
Hair Bright pink and dark brown
Skin Pale
Factions None at this time



Neopolitan is known particularly in the criminal circles and perhaps among other mutants. Sometimes as simply 'that weird quiet girl' and by others as a talented pickpocket and thief. Beyond that she isn't broadly famous, although she can be well recognizable for her colorful hair and 'icecream' color palette to those whose paths she has crossed before if not disguised by some illusion.


Neopolitan was born in a New York to a young French Ex-Pat and an American wife at first estatic to welcome a new member into their family. Their joy swiftly turned to horror at the idea of their firstborn child being a mutant when her eyes first changed color with her mood and her crib was covered in a thin layer of frost. Ne would never know this however, her first memories instead that of the orphanage she'd been dumped at. Life wasn't much sweeter as a mutant under the guardianship of a nun who believed those lights in her eyes to be the fires of the fallen. Neopolitan was kept seperate from the other children, her only view of the outside world a small window blocked by bars and too high for those below to see her when she called out. With almost noone to speak to save her guardian tormentor, Ne became almost completely silent, only nodding or shaking her head to communicate to the point her carers believed the girl had been struck mute.

The girl's world became one of four walls and a window to wish through until something happened at the age of 12. Something impossible as desire became so great to escape. The air became cold, ice coated the walls and…somehow, Ne found herself outside that window in the yard below for the first time in her life.

And so the girl ran, never wishing to return to imprisonment and began a life on the streets. Her new powers grew with practice and soon she developed the tricks and talents of a thief. She never had a home, but never would Ne go hungry again. The first night of her freedom she lay on a rooftop under the choked stars mingled with city lights and swore she'd never spend another moment of her life in a cell if she had anything to say about it.

Character Details

Ne's personality can be a bit of a duality. At times she often comes across as sweet, playful and almost childish that is perhaps accented by her appearance and quiet, but her demeanor can swiftly turn serious to the point of sinister when threatened. A survivor who's had to scrounge to get by and who's oddity has drawn everything from curiosity to distrust and hate, Ne isn't however naturally cruel and can certainly be very compassionate to others, but habit and history often have her drawn to concern herself first and her 'strangeness' has kept others from getting 'close' most of her life.


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RP Logs & Journals

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January 21, 2019: Goodbye and Good Luck

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