Namor the Sub-Mariner
Portrayed by Justin Theroux
Full Name Namor McKenzie
Age 28 (102)
Height 6'4"
Build Swimmer's
Eyes Blue-Gray
Hair Black
Skin Caucasian
Factions None




Beneath the waves, Namor is known as the half-breed King of New Atlantis, a nation of blue-skinned Atlantean nomads so-christened after their split with Atlantis following the end of World War II. A member of Atlantis' royal family, Namor and his nomadic nation have spanned the globe looking for a new home to call their own.

Things are a bit different on the surface world: with a history of global activity that spans nearly a century, Namor the Sub-Mariner is practically a living legend. Equal parts an ally and enemy to the surface world, Namor is best known for supporting the Allies in the Second World War alongside Captain America and Bucky Barnes — after a prolonged and indiscriminate campaign waged against 'the entirety of the world,' anyway. But perhaps most of all, Namor is best known for being kind of a huge dick. To prettyyyy much everyone. Ever.


Even before his birth, Namor and his family did not have an easy life. Born from an unexpected love affair between Leonard McKenzie, an American ship captain, and Princess Fen, heir apparent to the blue-skinned Southern Tribes of the lost society of Atlantis. The pair met when Princess Fen's investigations of explosions near Atlantean territory led her to discover McKenzie's expedition to recover lost vibranium in the Antarctic. The pair quickly fell in love, but their relationship would be short-lived: Atlanteans, fearing Princess Fen had been kidnapped, attacked McKenzie's ship and brought her back to Atlantis, with McKenzie and his crew believed to have perished in the attack.

And so Namor "the Avenging Son" of Atlantis was born of that brief union, half-human, half-Atlantean. Because of his pink skin living amongst the blue-skinned Atlanteans of the Southern Tribes, hiding his heritage was close to an impossibility — and he received no small amount of scorn for it growing up, especially from his grandfather, the ruler of the Southern Tribes, Emperor Tha-Korr. But Namor persevered, and through it, gaining a deep wellspring of willpower, a loyalty to his friends and family who looked past the nature of his birth, including his cousins Dorma, Aquaria and Byrrah… and a healthy contempt for the surface world in the process.

It was a healthy contempt that would reach a boiling point when the Southern Tribes suddenly came under attack by strange agents from the surface — Axis forces who had stumbled upon the Southern Tribes' capital city by accident, and launched an attack with a massive, experimental, HYDRA-powered underwater fleet, to eliminate a perceived problem to their campaign before it could become one. The Atlanteans of the South were left devastated by the attack — and Namor, in all his righteous rage, did the only sensible thing:

He invaded the very first surface world city he could find. They all belonged to the same surface people anyway, right?

That city was New York, and Namor's brazen one-man invasion would only be thwarted between a combined effort of the original Human Torch, Jim Hammond, and a young police officer Betty Dean. It was Betty who eventually convinced Namor to stand down, and it was Betty who managed to do the unthinkable — get Namor to listen to reason.

Learning of the tremendously more complex situation on the surface world but still not really caring except that -someone- had to pay, Namor's budding friendship with Betty Dean was the key factor in his ultimately committing himself and the resources of his people to the cause of the Allies.

Two things would happen during this time: Namor, having taken leadership of his people for lack of any other option, threw himself and his people into a war of vengeance against Axis, allying themselves with the US and their Allied forces. And second — Namor came to the main civilization of Atlantis to entreat them for aid, only to be rebuffed by the then-current king, who both did not want to embroil his people in a surface war he cared little about… and saw this as an opportunity to remove the threat of the Southern Tribes, and Tha-Korr's line and their claim to the throne.

It was a spurning during the Southern Tribes' time of greatest need that Namor would not soon forget, but there were more pressing matters. Thanks to the Southern Tribes' assistance, the Allied forces scored major victories against the Axis and their secret HYDRA allies; it was during this time that Namor would not only truly cement his place as leader of the fractured Southern Tribes, but also meet many valuable allies in the surface world, including Captain America and his partner (sidekick) Bucky Barnes, who he would work with extensively during the war. He would feel both their losses keenly, though he'd never admit such — but their sacrifices would help to seal the Allied force's inevitable victory.

In the bloody aftermath of the war, after revenge had been achieved, and with many of his surface friends ("friends") gone, Namor turned his attention back to the seas. Swiftly consolidating the many warring tribes of the South under his strong-willed rule and discovering and claiming the second Trident of Neptune, Namor declared his people separate from Atlantis in all matters for their inaction during the war — naming themselves the New Atlantis, with Namor as their king.

The many decades that would follow after the christening of the nomadic New Atlantis would be filled with conflict and turmoil as Namor and his people searched for a new home as well as contended with threats from without, such as the insidious Lemurians - the Set-worshipping off-shoots of Atlantis - threats from the surface… and threats from within, like the overly ambitious Krang. During this time, Namor would be both enemy and ally to the surface world, attacking and supporting them in equal measure as necessity demanded — but to this day, his people's search for a new home continues, and Namor looks to a day when his New Atlantis can finally set down roots and reclaim all they lost in the war.

Recent events, with rumors of both Captain America and Bucky Barnes' returns and the activity of familiar, foul forces, however, have returned Namor's attention once more to the surface…

Character Details

Arrogant. It's probably the best way to summarize Namor in one word, but simple words fail to do justice to the supreme ego that fuels the King of New Atlantis' every waking moment. Namor has all the pride and confidence of a natural-born king; he never doubts any of his actions, never fails to see his decisions as anything less than absolutely necessary, never once lives with any regret for anything he ever does. To call him willful would be the same as trying to quantify the universe; there's just some things that defy conventional limits, and the absolute stubborn self-assurance of Namor the Sub-Mariner is one of them.

This is a man who proudly runs around half-naked at all times. 'Vain' doesn't even begin to do him justice.

Yet for all his arrogance, Namor is still true to his noble heritage. When he has truly made a mistake, he will own up to it in the long run; when he makes decisions that defy conventional morality, he will answer for them. But he does so without regret, and without self-doubt. Namor knows who he is: a ruler of a lost people.

And in this much, he will do whatever he has to for the sake of his people. Namor is not a hero or a villain; he is a king, and his people come first in every decision he makes. New Atlantis is a nation without a home, and for Namor, bringing his people back some sense of stability is paramount. No matter how much they might fight amongst each other, his people are -his- people, and Namor is driven by an immense sense of noblesse oblige.

More than anything, though, Namor is not easy to get along with. He is terminally blunt and acerbic; he is scornful of almost everyone, and condescending to the extreme. He harbors contempt for most of the surface world and their polluting ways. He will belittle even people he considers friends, and if they get in the way of him and his interest's and - more importantly - his people's interests, he will not hesitate to hurt them. He is incredibly aggressive with a hair trigger temper and a tempestuous personality, and a tendency to resolve most of his conflicts with fists rather than words. But he is also a loyal friend, and honorable to a fault; those who earn his respect earn it for life, and when he gives his word, he will follow it to the letter.

He just might do so while aggressively pursuing married women. Because that's just how Namor rolls.


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