Multiple Man
Multiple Man
Portrayed by James Roday
Full Name Jamie Madrox
Age 27
Height 5'11"
Build Athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Skin Caucasian


Duping mutant, who owns an awesome detective agency!


Known as the mutant detective. The one that will take the cases that most other detectives won't. And he seems to get some good results as well!


Jamie, unlike many mutants, possessed his power at birth. His parents, nuclear physicists and rocket scientists were concerned. Friends of Charles Xavier, he suggested they move to some place isolated and rural to raise their boy, and so they chose to raise Jamie in Kansas. When he was thirteen a trio of freak tornadoes tore his home to shreds and killed his parents. For a few years afterward Jamie worked their entire farm by himself, surviving the only way he knew how. After a time Xavier offered him a place on his young new mutant team. Jamie declined, however he did take Xavier up on an offer to assist as a cutting edge genetics laboratory Xavier was linked with.

It was during that time studying with the lab that Jamie learned one very important thing about his powers. One day he didn't want to go in but wanted to have some fun instead. So he sent a dupe to work for him and he went out and did some well fun stuff. When he reabsorbed the dupe he realized the dupe had learned something new at the lab and Jamie now knew it. So he decided to send out more dupes to learn stuff for him. So they went and learned a lot of general knowledge things as much as they could anyway.

Once they had the knowledge Jamie decided he wanted to open up a detective agency because he loves Noir dang it. Realizing he needed money to do it, especially in New York where he wanted to go, he went on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Thanks to the absorbed knowledge and phoning a dupe, he won the money. He went to New York and of course started to learn some more things, even sending a dupe to Law School, then he opened up his awesome new detective agency!

Character Details

So yeah Jamie's personality is a tough one to describe. The biggest thing about him is of course he is trying to do what he thinks is right, at least the Prime Jamie is. He just tries to stay focused on things, or else well the dupe memories could get confusing with that. He also has trouble making decisions, like imagine if you had to decide between making breakfast yourself, or going out to eat. Could be a tough decision for some, with Jamie remember he can do both. And that's basically it at the core right there. Jamie does have the core personality that loves Noir, having fun and of course trying to do the right thing. But there are the dupes out there, and well the dupes can have their own personalities. One can be Jamie's wild and crazy side, another can be self hating, others can be his better traits to the extreme. His core personality though, that's the guy described a little above, the rest well they can be anything at anytime.


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