Ms Marvel
Ms. Marvel
Portrayed by
Full Name Ms. Marvel
Age 19
Height 5'4"
Build Lanky
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Skin Brown
Factions [Forthcoming]


The fabulous Ms. Marvel, Protector of Jersey City! Ms. Marvel has been seen more than once righting the wrongs of somewhere other than New York or Metropolis. She's been expanding her sphere of influence, apparently, as far as Princeton and the Big Apple itself.


Ms. Marvel is known as being a Good Guy. Young, yes. New, yes. Not yet on any big superhero teams or anything like that, for sure. Her rep has fluctuated after the usual sorts of misunderstandings that always happen, but on the whole she's thought of positively.
Kamala herself, aka SlothBaby on her fanfic websites, is known as being a Jersey City girl through and through—and a HUGE nerd and fanfic writer who never misses Raid Night without a really good reason.


Kamala's parents, Yusuf and Muneeba, are Pakistani immigrants, hardworking and somewhat conservative. Muneeba is a housewife, while Yusuf works in a bank. They have one son older than Kamala: Aamir, a tall and sober young man who takes his culture and religion very seriously. They came to America to ensure a better life for the children they had here, and their hopes were like many other immigrant parents: that their children would grow up with the best of both worlds, remembering and honoring their culture while benefiting from the graeter opportunities afforded to them in America.

Kamala is indeed a strong mix of two worlds, though she worries she isn't quite what they hoped for. She's bright and cheerful, a HUGE nerd and undeniable Millennial who still holds to many of her parents' cultural traditions. A practicing but not immensely devout Muslim, she tried for some time to be a part of the mainstream community but gave up when she realized she didn't fit in.

It was not long after that that Kamala was exposed to the terrigen mists. In her cocoon, she dreamed that she was talking to Captain Marvel, one of her greatest idols. When she awoke, she was Captain Marvel—at least in shape and in costume. She soon discovered that she had the power to change her shape, to stretch larger and shrink smaller, and to heal quickly from injuries. Given her fixation on and adoration of superheroes, it can be no great surprise that she decided to join their numbers with these new abilities.

It hasn't always been perfect. She's had to balance superheroics with real life, school, andnowcollege. Her family supports her, but they don't know everything she does, and she worries intensely about her place in the world and how she can make it better.

Character Details

Optimistic. Cheerful. Kind. …Also a little jealous and grumpy and immature sometimes, too. Kamala wears her heart on her sleeve and is unabashedly, unashamedly enthusiastic. Bright and slightly hyperactive, she can get a little overwhelmed and overtalkative when she's, say, faced with one of her major heroes.


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