Portrayed by Ana Ularu
Full Name Elinor Ravensdale
Age 22
Height 5'4"
Build Average size and lean
Eyes Light Blue
Hair Black
Skin Caucasian


A photographer who sees dead people.


Elinor has a reputation in occult circles for being an Ectomancer; those who really are in the know understand that she uses the power in a positive way.


While pregnant with Elinor, Emily Ravensdale found herself in a financial bind. She wasn’t a very powerful Mystic, but she wanted to turn her and her husband Arthur’s life around. Her attempt to harness the forces of chance and synchronicity to bring prosperity into their lives failed. but there were not her powers to meddle with. Not understanding what she was doing, and she wound up siphoning the good fortune out of those who had earned it. Ripping that fortune away from others caused deep wounds, and allowed Something Else to rush into the vacuum.

This Something Else was a piece of The Darkness, the fundamental opposite of the Light. Storied to be a force of destruction and entropy. Yet as any Ying/Yang will prove, the light has a spark of the darkness and the darkness a spark of the light. When that piece of the darkness struck Elinor’s soul it found something within that resonated within its own spark of light. Harmonies resonated, a symbiotic relationship formed between the dark and light. The result was not the Harbinger of Evil that many would expect upon hearing such a tale. The mystic that Elinor was to become would come to embody this singular premise: a being capable of the worst the Darkness could bring, but chose to bring the best.

Of course, she’d have to grow up first. Her father remarried and she had an uneventful childhood, aside for the fact she seemed to have a lot of imaginary friends. As she grew, so did her powers. Her imaginary friends were ghosts, and the shadows began to creep and cling to her. Her father was at a loss at what do with his daughter and a rift began to form between them. Elinor began to research the occult and it was in pursuit of this knowledge that she met Damien Zayne. He seemed to know a lot about her abilities and was eager to help her learn to control them.

Arthur did not approve of his daughter spending time with Damien, he felt as if he was a bad influence. Elinor was headstrong and against her father’s wishes, she dropped out of high school to study magic full time. She learned to control her powers of Ectomancy, and Shadow magic. It wasn’t until Damien pressured her to learn Necromancy did she realize he was using her for her abilities.

Elinor had always respected death and its place in the universe. Death is a time for the soul to rest, without it, life stagnates, nothing is reborn and nothing changes. Necromancy always felt as if it was attempting to cheat death. She feels that binding a soul to a rotting body goes against that cycle. There is some part of her that knows she could achieve many great things if she studied Necromancy, but she could never bring herself to do so.

Damien and Elinor came to an impasse, she realized he wanted her to learn Necromancy to bring back his lost love. It was then that she decided to branch out on her own, and taking her studies in her own hands.

Granted she didn’t get too far. She spent the next few years getting her GED and finding a way to support herself. She fell in love with photography, and while she’s barely making enough to get by doing freelance work, it’s enough for her to pay her bills. She spends her evenings working with the ghosts in Hell’s Kitchen, working to free those who are trapped and helping others cross over.

Character Details

Elinor is surrounded by the dead, and while she does her best to help them with their struggles it does take an emotional toll on her. Despite the darkness that lurks with in her, she does her best to use what powers she has to better the world around her. That doesn't mean that she resists her dark nature all of the time, there is a place for it and she understands that there needs to be a balance in the universe.


Image Name Relation Information
Remy Lebeau Over spiced fungus Remy started as one of the most annoying living people Elinor had ever met, but now that she's seen that there is more to him than his devil my car attitude, he's grown on her. Like a fungus. A really hard to kill fungus.
Jessica Jones Friend and Coworker It's hard to be neighbors with someone who lives with ghosts, but Jessica took it all in stride. Elinor knows that she can go to Jess if she has any problems with the living, and Jess can count on her as her occult consultant.

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