Lar Gand
Portrayed by Chris Wood
Full Name Lar Gand
Age 18
Height 5'9"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Skin Caucasian


"Any courage I do have, I learned it from you."


Lar has only recently arrived back on Earth in the 21st century, lost and confused on a planet he can't seem to recognize…


Lar Gand was born into the Daxamite Royal Family, where he spent most of his time partying, sleeping with multiple women, and indulging in other pleasures with little regard to the plight of the commoner. Although he did not like the way his family treated its subjects, he feared rejection and did not know how to go about enacting change for the better.

When Daxam was devastated in the wake of Krypton's destruction, Lar's bodyguard sacrificed himself to save him and send him to Earth in an escape pod. However, as he was arriving, a solar event caused his pod to crash and resulted in him suffering from amnesia. Kal-El found the crashed ship in Smallville, and named Lar "Mon-El," thinking that since he seemed to gain Kryptonian powers upon exposure to Earth's yellow sun, he must be kin. However, Kal eventually suspected that Mon-El was not Kryptonian when he appeared immune to the effects of a small amount of kryptonite. He decided to test this theory with a larger piece, but inadvertently poisoned his friend due to the lead casing the kryptonite was in. Although it restored his memories, the lead poisoning was irreversible for the Daxamite, and Superman was forced to send Mon-El to the Phantom Zone to prevent the toxin from killing him until a cure could be found, even if it took a thousand years.

Indeed, a thousand years later in the 30th century, the Legion of Superheroes freed Mon-El from the Phantom Zone and cured him of the lead poisoning using a serum created by Saturn Girl and Brainiac 5 dubbed XY-4. Mon-El eventually became a full fledged Legionnaire, inventing anti-gravity Element 152 and using it to defeat a "sun-eater". Brainiac 5 later used this element to create the Legion Flight Rings.

Currently, several members of the Legion were traveling back in time to attempt to prevent an unknown calamity occurring in the future. Mon-El was flung from the time sphere due to the combined machinations of Glorith, Mordru and the Time Trapper. They are preventing him from returning home, and have somehow robbed him of his memories, leaving him once more without a clue of who he is or where he came from. Therefore, Lar must once again set out to find his place in this new world.

Character Details

Due to the amnesia inflicted upon him by machinations of various enemies of the Legion of Superheroes, Mon-El is currently rather lost and confused. Though he vaguely remembers his Daxamite upbringing, he has no recollection of all of the noble endeavors he made with the Legionnaires after they cured him of lead poisoning, or even of his affiliation with them at all.

Part of his problem is that he is rather easily influenced by those around him, and it is difficult for him to find the drive to do what's right on his own, which was the main reason for his behavior on Daxam. He can easily lose his way without anyone to inspire him to action, or fall into apathy when surrounded by others of the same complacent attitude. As such he seems to be mainly worried about himself and his own needs, similar to the way he behaved growing up on Daxam. This often manifests as a selfish and uncaring attitude, however, deep down Mon-El is passionate about helping others in need and preserving life wherever and whenever possible no matter whose it is, as well as a strong, even self-sacrificial devotion to virtue and those he considers friends and family. He just hasn't figured out how to put all of that into action again just yet. This has lead to feelings of guilt and fecklessness, so he tends to become focused on himself and feeling good/having fun in an attempt to forget the woes of these unfulfilled desires.

Formerly, he was motivated by his friendship with Kal-El and the other Legionnaires, leading to him become an invaluable asset to the Legion. Now, he just needs someone to come alongside him and be the inspiration that Superman and the Legion were to him before, so that he can once again reach his full potential—and hopefully even regain his memories.


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RP Logs & Journals

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