Mockingbird, Agent 19
Portrayed by Adrianne Palicki
Full Name Barbara "Bobbi" Morse
Age 35
Height 5'9
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Skin Caucasian
Factions SHIELD



Agent Bobbi Morse has an excellent reputation for getting things done. Either in the lab or on a mission, Bobbi gets whatever needs doing, done. Even if it's not necessarily by the books or what her supierors might prefer.


Born as Barbara Morse, most often known as 'Bobb' or 'Bobbi', she was raised in California and practiced gymnastics from a young age. She was constantly a trouble maker as a child, breaking bones and poking her nose into rather questionable situations in hopes that she would somehow gain powers. (She never did of course) She continued this well into high school, until Math and Science stole her heart, and her love of the lab took over.

After graduation Bobbi went to school for biology, and attended Georgia Institute of Technology for her masters and PHD. She worked at a private company for research and development, her work being to try to recreate the super soldier serum, and she came very, very close.

Her work caught SHIELDs attention, and in quick order, they made her an offer. She ended up in SHIELD's labs, but slowly, started taking up more work as an agent rather than as a biologist. Within months, she was in training and taking up field work as a full time agent, at the top of her class.

For the past several years, Bobbi Morse, Agent 19, or Mockingbird when shes doing something off the books, has worked and severed SHIELD loyally. She's a senior agent, and is damn good at her job.

It was sometime in those years, that her family was notified that she had 'died', therefore hiding them off any and all records, protecting them from her job.

Character Details

Bobbi is a go-getter, rarely passive if she can help it. She is brash, and surprisingly honest for a spy. She know she has strong emotions and is very passionate about those she loves and cares about—which is why she tries to keep people at arm's length if at all possible. Still, she's witty, and sarcastic in the extreme.


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