Miss Moreau
Miss Moreau
Portrayed by
Full Name Sophia Crowley
Age 30
Height 5'5"
Build Slender
Eyes Grey
Hair Brown
Skin Caucasian



Miss Moreau is known as an eccentric gang leader, thief, and illegal animal saleswoman with a strange politeness as compared to many Gotham criminals. So too is she known to be vicious against those she considers her enemies.


Sophia Crowley grew up in the Gotham slums to a single mother. A complicated birth, she lived only long enough to give Sophia a name. Her mother had little, and what little she had was taken by the state for unpaid taxes, leaving Sophia in a run-down orphanage. Though bright, she would face abuse from the alcoholic headmaster, and constant teasing for her disability. By the age of ten, on the verge of a mental breakdown, she left.

Gotham, a dangerous place, would have claimed the young girl were it not for an act of altruism. The White Rose Gang, a small time cadre of thieves and exotic goods sellers, were just another outfit. Yet their leader had a quirk: a love for the lost and the abused. The White Rose Gang took in the young woman, taught her all that they could. For the first time, Sophia had a true family.

And she quickly became a valued member. An extremely intelligent young woman, every scrap of knowledge she absorbed hungrily, from mathematics, to all of the inns and outs of thievery, and even fencing to protect herself. By fourteen, she was planning all of the White Roses' heists. And they had grown rich from the genius young woman's natural talents.

But the gang's leader had grown old, and knew it was time to pass on leadership. And so in a final act, she gave Sophia a test: to take the gang, and steal the treasures found in an old, abandoned library in a rival gang's territory.

It all ended in a bloody battle, with half the Roses dead and Sophia herself cornered and outnumbered in the old library with only her guide dog. In a desperate gamble, she grabbed a book, a last ditch weapon against a murderous gangster. The Scarlet Tome spoke to her soul, and her Power long hidden awakened. Her loyal guide dog, barely more than a pup, became a nightmarish beast, spitting fire and devouring her enemies.

And so Sophia Crowley took up the name Miss Moreau, her Power and her skills leading the White Roses from simple thievery to masters of exotic, illegal animal sales. Eventually they would have the funds to buy the land where Sophia originally found the Scarlet Tome, the library transformed from abandoned building to a petting zoo of creatures most bizzare. So too has Moreau's research into her tome only made her arcane powers stronger, and their heists more lucrative. The White Roses are well funded, skilled, and above all, loyal to each other. Miss Moreau intends to use her loyal soldiers to gain rulership over Gotham, all for the sake of vengeance against the rich and the police that forget the poor and downtrodden, the insane and bloodthirsty in Gotham's dark heart.

Character Details

Miss Moreau is, at first blush, a polite and upright woman. Even to her most hated rivals, she rarely uses harsh language or insults. She is more likely to tease, to laugh, and to provoke others into rage and losing their cool when confronting enemies. Amongst allies and friends, she is just as eccentric, given to dancing with and playing music for those she likes, or simply finds fascinating. She even has a kind streak to her, some of the last vestiges of a woman who would have been had she not been abused and fallen into a life of crime.

All of her dancing, her pseudo-nobility airs she puts on are all a mask for a deeply scarred, troubled, sick woman. A beastly anger hides inside of Moreau, unleashed in fits and bursts during her most stressful moments. Those who harm her gang members or children in her presence deeply incense the woman, and her vengeance is never small. Once made an enemy of Miss Moreau, she hunts them eagerly with her Power and her gang, only to kill, torture, or ruin the lives of that enemy. And in the case of great harm, often anyone associated with them. She considers superheroes to be her natural prey, and takes great pleasure in facing them. Politicians and the police she similarly considers enemies, but she is not above trying to bribe, buy, or blackmail them into her service.

Other criminals she views as rivals, to be fought or allied with as the need arises. As she sells her services to any buyer for nearly any task within her gang's capabilities, she is willing to work with villains ranging from the ordinary, even up to Gotham luminaries like the Joker or Penguin, should they pay her the right amount.

There is a kind streak lingering in her, mostly limited to children and the innocent downtrodden. She, and her gang alongside her, have occasionally saved such souls from other criminals, or from other disasters. So too has she discretely given money to various orphanages, and more than one abusive headmaster of an orphanage has died from odd animal bites, or simply disappeared. It's through this that perhaps Moreau and her crew might be saved from their own hungers.


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