Miss America
Miss America
Portrayed by Christina Milian
Full Name America Chavez
Age 20
Height 6'0"
Build Athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Skin Tan


In other dimensions and realities Mac is a hero, in this particular reality, she has yet to establish herself as a bonafida hero.


In other realities Chavez is known as someone who stands up for anyone in need, in this reality, her reputation isn't much known. She might simply be known as that loud-mouth that doesn't take any crap from people.


America Chavez was born into an alternate dimension. A dimension named Utopian Parallel which wasn't synced to the same fabric of reality as most other dimensions were. This dimension was created by a being named of Demiurge. Her dimension was filled with ambient magical energies, thanks to Demiurge, and from the over abundant energies, the citizens of Utopian Parallel obtained various 'mutant-like' powers.

America Chavez was no different.

She found she had super strength, flight, speed and she could open holes into other realities/dimensions. It, was, however their own dimension that soon faced a cataclysmic event. Their world was slowly being pulled into the same time-space-bubble as all other realities/dimensions and in doing so, their world would be destroyed. America's mothers both sacrificed their lives to save their dimension, but most importantly, their daughter.

When understanding finally came to the young girl, that her parents died, she ran away, but her version of running away was opening a hole into another dimension. This dimension, however, resided outside of the time-space-bubbled that Utopian Parallel did and because of this, America cut herself off from her own home dimension.

It didn't matter in the beginning. She was too consumed by grief and the young girl hopped from dimension to dimension, surviving as best she could, and figuring things out on her own. Her education wasn't very structured, like school, but she learned a lot. She learned how to survive, how to protect herself and most importantly that heroes are still needed everywhere. This realization fed into that seed of needing to help, needing to MAKE a difference and so, the hero America Chavez was born.

Ten years would go by and America would continue to hop from dimension to dimension, fighting the good fight, and learning the ways of each new world. Some worlds were friendly, others were definitely not, and then one day, she opened another star and found herself here. There was much strife in the world and America could see they needed a hero - and for them, a hero she would be. So here she is, establishing roots in this dimension and trying to fight the good fight, all the while scraping cash together to survive the rigors of this dimension.

Character Details

America Chavez, or Mac, can be summed up thusly:

'Guys we need a plan!'

'Punch Everyone.'

And it was Mac stating to punch everyone. At first glance this is likely how everyone sees her. She's an aggressive sort of young woman, who's gruff and abrasive and quick to anger, as well as be provoked. Never say 'America no', because she'll come right back and say 'America yes' and go on to do whatever it was that they didn't want her to do. She's also honest and blunt, which doesn't always earn her friends. That doesn't stop her from easily inserting herself into conversations at hand and offering sarcastic quips, observations and one-liners, when needed. In fact, she'll stick her nose, foot or fist into any situation she deems as needing her 'special touch' with very little worry over what others may think of her.

Still, beneath all of that tough exterior is actually a young woman who's simply hiding the pain of lost loved ones. Her parents died when she was very young, they died too save her and the rest of the people of their dimension. This left her with a good amount of survivors guilt and she built those feelings of guilt into the need to be a HERO. Someone who deserves the gift of life her parents gave to her. Someone who fights and dies for the good of the world.

And that is Mac in a nutshell. If you can get past that gruff attitude she presents nearly twenty-four-seven, you'll find someone who's trying to prove themselves, to prove that the sacrifice her mothers did for her is properly honored.


New player as of 12/19/2016.

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