Portrayed by Molly C. Quinn
Full Name Charlotte Gage-radcliffe
Age 18
Height 5'3"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Red
Skin Freckled Caucasian
Factions Titans, Primal Force, Birds of Prey, Bats


She is all over the place. Must be nice being a teleporter.


Batling and Titan. Very talkative.


Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe, is not really Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe. Charlie's true name is lost to her as she was born on Gemworld. She was a Princess of the Ruby House but when the wars happened and Black Opal razed the Ruby kingdom her family was killed. She was sent to earth, her memory paved over and replaced. She retained her power to teleport and her phenomenal fighting skills, though. On earth she lived with an adopted family, her mother and her newborn sibling in an apartment in Metropolis's worst slum. She never met her father or for that matter her little sister's father either. Her mom did her best to make ends meet, working a job as a waitress at national diner next to a a twelve screen cineplex.

Charlie knew she had superpowers from a young age, a whole slew of powers really if you stopped to take inventory of all of them. She rarely used them though because they made her mother really uncomfortable. Whether it was because of her father or just fear for Charlotte it is hard to say.

Despite the lack of size in their crappy apartment she did have her own small room, which she got to decorate best she could. Anyone who could have seen the room would have known she was a big fan of Barbara Gordon's Batgirl. Not that dark new Batgirl, the original kick-ass Batgirl.

Things went downhill though rather abruptly about six months ago. The landlord of the apartment building had bribed the safety inspectors that did the already infrequent inspections of the local buildings. The fire escape had been removed and the buildings smoke detectors were either without power or outright broken. When a really bad fire broke out, Charlie and her family were trapped in the apartment. Charlie and her mom knew from some of Charlie's experiments with her powers that living things didn't survive 'bouncing' with Charlie when she teleported. Charlie couldn't save her family. She also refused to leave until her mother made her, screaming at her to teleport out. Seventeen people died in that fire. Despite the fact the Landlord was a horrible Slumlord and criminally responsible his sentence was six months, time served.

Six months after this incident, Charlie, homeless, has surfaced as a crime-fighter in Gotham City, wearing a homemade Batgirl costume.

She was picked up by the bat family and eventually equipped. She isn't that much less of a Misfit though, but at least now it is official.

She went on to crash the Titan's and practically self adopt into the team following Red Robin and others she met fighting crime.

Character Details

Hyperactive - She is the energizer bunny when it comes to energy and standing still.

Immature - She hasn't had the best childhood and that coupled with her deeply personal trauma has caused a lot of problems for her. She easily acts younger than an eighteen highschool drop out should.

Sweet - She really is a good person and a good girl. She has a really big heart and genuinely wants to help people and for people to like and accept her. She wants friends, she wants love, and she wants acceptance.

Cocky - It may be that she is covering up for deep seated feelings of loss. Loss of her family. Loss of control of her life. No matter what the cause is though she acts very cocky and overconfident.

Rebellious - She is a teenager.


Image Name Relation Information
redrobin3.jpg Red Robin BatFam I think he is a perfectionist
batman-the-animated-series-featured-image.jpg Batman BatFam Much Dark- So Brood - Wow
Spoiler.jpg Spoiler BatFam She is fun, we need to hang out more
cm-shield.jpg Alfred BatFam Patience of a Saint
Nightwing.jpg Nightwing BatFam Not as Dark Brooding Etc. Also wow.
imp.jpg Impulse Teammate and Friend Seems awesome
Deb-Woll-Fairchild-Profile-Pic.jpg Caitlin Fairchild Teammate and Friend Science Nerd
Superboy-full-2013852.jpg Superboy Teammate and Friend Not sure he is ever serious
Spider-Profile.jpg Spider-man Teammate and Friend Don't know him as well as the others yet
wg03.png Wonder Girl Teammate and Friend She is ridiculously cool
Starfire-Scaled.jpg Starfire Teammate and Friend Nicest person I know
zatanna5.jpg Zatanna Zatara Teammate and Friend Spooky powerful magic

Old Logs

RP Logs & Journals

October 26, 2018: Culture Clash

Some of the Titans take a breather while trying to keep things cool between their temporary Tamachoan guests.

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October 18, 2018: Apologies and Brownies

Caitlin and Charlotte talk things over

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October 17, 2018: Still a Titan

Raven and Bart help Misfit the morning after her escape

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October 17, 2018: Cutscene: Lost in Limbo

Misfit and ROVR's adventures in Limbo.

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October 17, 2018: Inevitable Betrayal

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October 12, 2018: Thinking With Portals

The Titans manage to figure out a way to close the demonic portals raining demons down over New York. Unfortunately, their successful test run draws the attention of the Darkchilde responsible…

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October 10, 2018: Shopping at Stark Industries (Team A)

Fairchild, Starfire, and Misfit go after the parabolic mirror assembly in Stark Industries. Misfit runs into a serious problem.

(permalink: log:8103 | tags: fairchild misfit starfire | posted: 10 Oct 2018 07:27)

October 10, 2018: Shopping At Stark Industries (Intro)

A hurried plan is hatched to raid Stark Tower for crucial components of Fairchild's particle cannon.

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October 03, 2018: Ties That Bind

When Zatanna is unleashed, even the heralds of the Elder Gods flee. But not the Titans.

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August 09, 2018: Unauthorized Communications

Damian assassinates Spoiler. She survives. Spoiler talks to Damian about her recent conflict with the Justice League. Damian lectures her on her breach of protocol.

(permalink: log:7796 | tags: damian_wayne misfit spoiler | posted: 09 Aug 2018 16:36)

June 02, 2018: Home Invasion

Misfit pops into Titan's tower looking for trouble… ur Robin

(permalink: log:7483 | tags: fairchild misfit | posted: 06 Jun 2018 03:34)

April 15, 2018: Red Suited Skullduggery

Misfit and the Man in the Red Suit take two. Thank goodness Raven was on the scene!

(permalink: log:7273 | tags: misfit raven | posted: 17 Apr 2018 06:19)

April 14, 2018: Red Suit

Misfit meets Sylph. It went mostly okay. Only one Wyvren.

(permalink: log:7261 | tags: misfit sylph | posted: 16 Apr 2018 01:56)

April 04, 2018: Party Crasher

Misfit crashes Titan Tower and Dinner

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February 06, 2018: Purse Hunt

Misfit runs into Astrea stopping a purse snatcher with extreme prejudice. Apparently.

(permalink: log:6903 | tags: astrea misfit | posted: 09 Feb 2018 05:09)

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