Portrayed by Steve Grand W/CGI
Full Name Mike Drakos
Age 22 (21)
Height 6'2" (var, robot)
Build Lanky athletic (var, robot)
Eyes Blue
Hair Blue
Skin Metallic gold (var)


Famous in limited circles for having designed race-winning power-plants at the age of 15, Mike is considered a bit eccentric. He disappeared from public view in August of 2012, with his parents claiming 'non-life-threatening medical issues.' He's since reappeared, as a mutant member of X-Men Red Team.


Mechanical Genius, parse that however you want


Born in a small hospital on New Years Day 1993, first kid born that year in his town, Mike's parents were (respectively) a 25-year-old student of Orthodox Theology (Kyrios Drakos), and a newly fledged 26-year-old Deacon in the Episcopal church (Ana Running Elk Drakos). Kyrios was on track for ordination in the Orthodox Church, but was not accepted when he refused his Metropolitan's direction to order his wife not to become a Priest. Instead he fell back onto his "hobby" and became an engine designer and race car mechanic.

As a kid, Mike always said he wanted to be a motorcycle when he grew up. When he was 11 his mutation became active, and was found out by his parents when he started eating metal (without harm) and talking to machines — with them answering. He began suggesting improvements to his father's designs, and at the age of 15, an engine entirely his design placed second at the Indy 500. He remained in school for socialization reasons, even though parts of his body were sometimes spontaneously replaced by metal and mechanisms for up to a day at a time. Whenever he took any kind of physical trauma, the part would be slowly replaced by a robotic equivalent, and the reversion after a few days was particularly grotesque, as he would painfully grow back the flesh while ejecting the machine parts as a slurry of liquid metal and computer parts, in a sort of siezure. He saw doctors, but none of them could explain it. He was registered with the SRD as a metahuman, and remains on good terms with the agents assigned to his case.

Despite the occasional interruption, he was able to get through high-school and college, and eventually he went to Metropolis University for two years, on an accelerated, unstructured program, and graduated with a Master of Science in mechanical engineering.

The accident happened on his parents' anniversary in 2012. Mike was heading to their home in a sports-car he had built, planning to gift it to his parents, when he was trapped at an intersection in traffic and his car was struck by a train that derailed and crushed his car, while he used his power to fling back the other vehicles, saving their occupants. During the cleanup, the car was towed, and no body was found. The car was being stripped of useful parts when they found the registration, and Ky Drakos was called because his name was listed as the owner. It was already in the crusher, when he got there — but Mike woke up, finding himself a part of the metal, as it was being smashed. He emerged, when his father touched the mangled block, as a complete robot.

After it became apparent that he wouldn't be returning to human, he decided to make the most of his change, to learn and master his abilities. Then, he spent a year building up his network, and working out a way to look human, while still being able to do dramatic vehicle things. He is not a perfect LMD but can fool casual and airport searches if prepared.

Character Details

Mike has a deep fondness for cars, motorcycles, performance vehicles of all types, and can sometimes be distracted by them.

Despite being traditionally masculine in appearance and attire (in his human-sim format), he may accept 'flirty behavior' from either gender, but not past the flirting stage. He acts like it's just a game to him - perhaps because he isn't really human physically, or he hasn't developed the necessary neural net simulations for relationships other than friendship. Or perhaps he doesn't want them because he hasn't dealt with this whole _suddenly you're a machine!_ thing.

Mike has a strong religious faith (Episcopalian) but he doesn't push it on others either. Like other characters who have religious beliefs, it may come up in conversation, but he's never going to push it on someone; he won't be trolled about it either.

Since he went metal, when he's in situations where his emotional balance is being overwhelmed, he can and will simply disable his emotional emulation. This causes his basic survival emotions to operate at reduced intensity, and his higher emotional processes to be suspended. He appears to be coldly logical when this happens, very quickly falling into the "uncanny valley" where his robotic nature is easily discerned.


Image Name Relation Information
nopic-m.png Kyrios Drakos Father Mike has a good relationship with his yeti father
nopic-f.png Rev. Ana Drakos Mother Mike's Mom is a priest. Collar and everything.

Bad Habits

Mike has a tendency to troll people with weird tricks, seeing how far he can go before they notice something is weird.
Mike likes to play very loud music … internally. It's normally not easy to detect unless (1) someone is a technopath, or (2) someone is listening to a music player of some sort and it's within 10 feet of Mike, in which case, his music will tend to override whatever their player is trying to play.
Since becoming a robot, Mike likes to spend recreational time as a sports car or motorcycle. He usually creates a reasonable facsimile of a driver. Usually.

Theme Songs

Arlo Guthrie: Motorcycle Song

Steppenwolf: Born To Be Wild (from the movie Easy Rider)

Springsteen: Born to Run

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