Portrayed by
Full Name Meggan Puceanu
Age 24
Height 5'7" (Varies)
Build Voluptuous (Varies)
Eyes Blue (varies)
Hair Blonde (varies)
Skin Caucasian (varies)
Factions X-Men


One time Goblin Princess. Hero in the U.K. been part of a team in the past, believed to be a mutant.


Was part of an England based team, mutant shapeshifter, very caring and eager to please. Enjoys helping others.


Meggan was born at a camp in the UK. Her powers activated from the moment she was born covering her in soft fur. This caused her to become feared by everyone and eventually forced to lived on the streets. She had only few friends and her powers kept her looking as everyone feared and as such Meggan did not know she could change her form. A sad event and misunderstanding resulted with a fight and the, accidental death of one of her few friends and moving in with a popular wealthy local hero.

It was while living there that Meggan began to rediscover her powers, and growing feelings for those she lived with. Her circle of friends steadily grew with more mutants and people that accepted her. She began to learn about her past and the world around her. Eventually even becoming part of a team of heroes

As part of a team she went on many adventures, traveled time and space, and the multiverse. She got to meet many mutants and humans and always did all she could to help and try to make it so nobody felt alone or rejected. Her life is in a bit of flux since some mix up and massive reality alterations. Meggan has come to America to try and see what she can do to help out with some of her American friends at their school. Even offering to lend help as a teacher if they can.

Character Details

Meggan is an open and loving woman. She wants to help everyone and very eager to please. Her abilities means she's ideal for being what people need to see and her empathy helps her to understand what others are feeling and relate to them.


RP Logs & Journals

October 09, 2018: Mirrorgirl

A missing Meggan! A most grand wedding reception! A simple question: does anything exist on the other side of the mirror?

(permalink: log:8100 | tags: colossus hope_summers inferno marvel_girl meggan merrow shadowcat | posted: 09 Oct 2018 16:53)

October 01, 2018: Something in the Air

Meggan introduces Hope to the joys of omelets, the worries of empathy, and the sheer maddening confusion of fandoms.

(permalink: log:8067 | tags: hope_summers inferno meggan | posted: 02 Oct 2018 04:04)

September 15, 2018: Dialectic

Rachel Summers and Meggan Puceanu confront the Brotherhood with evidence that the damning video about Tony Stark was false. Some unexpected points of commonality are overshadowed by overall ideological difference.

(permalink: log:7969 | tags: frenzy marvel_girl meggan pthe quicksilver scarlet_witch | posted: 15 Sep 2018 17:14)

August 31, 2018: Walk All Over You Part 1

The X-men, armed with information about the strange enhanced plaguing many around the world fly to deliver a crippling blow to FuturePharm…and fall into a trap that leads to many consequences.

(permalink: log:7901 | tags: bruiser cyclops faora hope_summers hulk iron_man marvel_girl meggan moonstar polaris pthe quicksilver scarlet_witch x-man | posted: 02 Sep 2018 07:37)

August 20, 2018: What Happens in Limbo...

…stays in Limbo. Illyana, having stashed some items/persons of interest in Limbo after the supply base raid of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, summons some help to aid her in unraveling their mysteries.

(permalink: log:7834 | tags: colossus inferno iron_man magik marvel_girl meggan phoenix pthe shadowcat | posted: 20 Aug 2018 05:43)

August 07, 2018: Thunderstruck

Tony Stark, with a few Avengers in tow, drops by the Xavier Institute a second time, tempting fate and the patience of his hosts to discuss a collaboration with the X-Men and pass out some information.

(permalink: log:7781 | tags: bruiser cable captain_america cyclops dr._jane_foster elf iron_man meggan pthe shadowcat speed the_winter_soldier wiccan | posted: 07 Aug 2018 04:36)

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