Maximus Lobo
Portrayed by
Full Name Maximus Lobo
Age Unknown
Height Tall
Build Muscular
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Skin Caucasian
Factions Dominant Species, Hellfire Club


Owner and CEO of Lobo Technologies.
Alpha to a large pack of violent lycanthropes known as Dominant Species that lays claim to White Plains, New York.


Maximus Lobo is an upstanding and powerful figure in the business world. He is ruthless in his dealings and has a fearsome reputation in the corporate arena.


Hailing from Erfurt Germany very little is known about the man-wolf Maximus Lobo. It is not even clear how old he may be and due to his healing factor. A true enigma.

Character Details

Ruthless. Cunning. Domineering. Merciless. Willful.


Maximus Lobo is a staff-run NPC.

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