Master Darque
Master Darque
Portrayed by N/A
Full Name Nicodemo Darque
Age 103
Height 6'2"
Build Lean
Eyes Yellow
Hair None
Skin Pale White
Factions The Society


A living nightmare. A powerful merciless necromancer.


Master Darque is rather unknown to those who do not see beyond the veil. Do-gooders and heroes have tangled with his minions or those connected to him but it is very rare the monster himself has been seen. %rOccultists and those who delve in to the Dark Arts have heard the man's name spoken in quiet tones and hushed whispers. A black hearted being with immense magical power who has given over most of his humanity to the worlds beyond our own. He is a vile and highly skilled arcanist.


Nicodemo and his sister Sandria were born and raised in the early 19th century. Their mother died in child birth leaving the twins in the custody of their father who trained them in the dark arts and raised them on his plantation in Louisiana.
Their father was an insanely driven man obsessed with discovering the lost heavenly dimensional city of Lyceum. He turned his own children in to conduits of magical energy using the forbidden Grand Veves as tattoo markings in to their flesh, an act that furthered their already considerable powers.
On their Eighteenth birthday the father decided his children were strong enough and initiated the ritual to open the gateways to Lyceum. During his he tried to sacrifice Sandria and then Nicodemo, the young man lashed out at his father but found himself too weak, as his father was a master of the occult and far more experienced, Sandria's plight spurred Nicodemo on and he used his natural gift, a gift that allowed him power over death-energy. Slaying the plant life, animals and slaves within the vicinity he bolstered his sorcery and was able to defeat his father then using what essence remained he healed his sister.
After this the children destroyed the plantation, the only place they knew and walked in to the world. Sandria despite being saved by her brother grew that much more fearful of him, he possessed a dark and destructive power that terrified her?
This act did not go without notice and a powerful New Orleans mystic was drawn to the threat that is Nicodemo and with her coven, the precursors to the Abettors they sought out knowledge of the young man and began to take measures in which to contain the sorcerer should he stray.
Nicodemo a boy no longer and now a man was obsessed as their father with the mystical world. He sought out those who know more than he did and met Anton Quigly, a man who at the time was host to enough power and experience to impress Nicodemo. Nicodemo was eager and willing an apprentice under the agreement that Nico give him his sister, Sandria. Sandria soon turned on her brother's mentor and in response he killed her, Nicodemo in turn killed him and restored Sandria's life. This is the second time he was forced to save his sister's life.
Traveling once more in an attempt to gain supernatural rapport with the world Nicodemo took on many tutors and underwent many ventures in the discovery of the arts, their gifts and his considerable knowledge allowing them to always turn a profit and survive the trials placed upon them. His sister watched Nico's growing occult understanding and his continued loss of humanity, her fear culminated and she ran from him, escaped in to the world for years until he was able to track her down.
Sandria had watched Nico's growth in power at the cost of his loss in humanity and her fear culminated and she fled, alone for her first time she became a nomadic healer who worked tirelessly to help others until she met a man she fell in love with and soon had a child to. This child was born with issues, dying at birth and things only grew worse as she sensed her brother near. Nicodemo attacked Sandria's lover and she was forced to make the greatest sacrifice, her own child's very soul. She infused the infant's lifeforce in to the baby's father and created a weapon against her brother, a man who now called himself Master Darque.
Darque apparently won despite this and used his powers to once again try to revive his dying sister but failed. Or at least so he believed. Leaving her for dead he departed and found himself no longer tethered to the world of man. His studies sent him abroad, his search for power continued and he forged himself a dark empire. A collective motley of despicable and power made who would do his biding?
Unknown to Darque his sister survived thanks to the Abettor's leader Anjenetta Grampion who was able to cloak the girl's existence from her brother, even despite their mystical link. The Abettors had yet another weapon to use against the threat of Master Darque.

Character Details

Nicodemo the boy was an earnest, eager to please young man who loved his family with all of his heart despite his confused and broken nature. He was full of adoration and naivety.
That all changed as he grew in to his skin, his potential, his power and his fate.
Master Darque is a nihilistic, cold, calculating, determined monster who knows no emotions but those of hate, envy, rage and desire. He craves only absolute power and ascension. Nothing and no one will stand in his path not even his own humanity.


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