Portrayed by
Full Name Nerina Rosso
Age 18 (25)
Height 5'1"
Build Slight
Eyes Coral Blue
Hair Blonde
Skin Fair
Factions [Forthcoming]


Nerina escaped a mutant laboratory and has so far evaded recapture.


Nerina is a solitary diver who lives off fishing and underwater salvage. She's known for small acts of charity but also small crimes and rarely stays put long enough to leave an imprint. She can be reliably found by going to water then following the sound of a flute.


Nerina was born in Siberia to a RussoItalian family on the coast of the Arctic Ocean. She lived a quiet life with past-times of hunting and fishing until she was called up for conscription soon after completing secondary school. Looking for a way out, she found and accepted a job offer in Ukraine but discovered too late that it was a trap; captured by traffickers, she was sold to a lab in the Caribbean that was trying to copy meta-human powers so they could make super-humans mercenaries for hire. Test subjects were subjected to forced gene splicing and transplants. Thanks to her Gene Copying mutation, Nerina survived but was heavily used in their experiments.

The real Nerina (Italian-born) was kidnapped while vacationing in the region and became a favorite subject to pair with her in testing. Working together, the two escaped and stowed away on a drug boat to leave the country as fast as possible. Before they could reach land, the real Nerina was found and killed by the crew, who in turn were killed by the fake Nerina. Grief-stricken by her death, Nerina permanently adopted her dead friend's identity and spent the next few years aimlessly wandering the Caribbean coasts.

Character Details

Nerina is a loner and a drifter socially, physically, and emotionally. Unable and unwilling to stay put for long, she wanders constantly from people and places, ever seeking solitude and a new home. On the surface she's secretive, distrustful, and apathetic with a venomous temper that lashes out at anyone who digs too deeply. Beneath the hard shell, a wounded heart has cocooned itself in years of isolation and self-justifications.

Obsessed with the daily routine of self-harm and distasteful meals that preserves the form if not the substance of her dead friend, Nerina considers herself in most ways removed from the world as a whole and beyond the pale of human law or morality. Unbothered by frequently stealing and trespassing, the nymph sets aside small time for charity elsewhere and calls the two acts balanced. Flute playing is her one true emotional outlet and the best way to get Nerina to really talk.

While disinterested in the larger problems facing the world, her gray morality leaves her equally open to most causes and the first one to personally reach her may be the first to gain her help. But even then the watery nymph's nature is to be as free-flowing as her element; retaining Nerina's loyalty is no mean feat.


Image Name Relation Information
Jack Russell Hairy Benefactor A gruff but big-hearted fellow thief, Russ has clawed his way to some loose if at times back-handed affection. An amusement, an at times unwilling taxi service, and the owner of a plush castle she's learned how to break into, the werewolf is about the only person Nerina has found she can relax around so far. She also enjoys back-talking him far too much. Could do without the shedding though.
Li Jhiao Ting Space Heater What's the fastest way to Neri's heart? Apparently being a wild predator as large as she is. Initially finding one another at Nerina's campsite the two struck a quick and, for the flautist, rare bond huddling together for warmth and working together to catch and cook food. While she knows almost nothing about the shapeshift or her past, it doesn't stop Nerina from giving her much of the fond attention she withholds from her fellow bipeds. Jhiao's human form doesn't get quite the same warm reception. Neri's a cat person. Who knew?
Scarlet Witch Support A free drink, free food, somewhere solitary and warm to sleep, and an endearing hint of dorkiness that peeks through now and then. What sets Wanda apart isn't her generousity, it's that somehow she got the antisocial flautist to accept it. Unknown to either of them, an overwhelming mental suggestion from Poison Ivy's pollen got the ball rolling. The flautist seems to make "Rosso" an exception to her anti-mutant views, leaving the poor witch a verbal punching bag whenever Neri rants about it towards someone else. Oh, and she speaks Italian now; magic is awesome!
X-23 Walnut Enormous, viciously sharp claws? Check. Eerily good hunting skills and an appreciation for silence and personal space? Check. Tragic laboratory past? Check. Fluency in Russian? Check. Emotional depth and bonding? Uh… not quite. The juxtaposition of several of Nerina's favorite things with the straight-talking emotional void of Laura's personality has left her in a grey area for the flautist - and spawned a curious nickname. While their relationship is still in flux, Laura is one of the first people Neri would call to a fight… but probably not the first she'd invite over for dinner. That super-metabolism just looks calorie-hungry.
Nate Grey AVOID! As a deeply private person, Nerina has an innate dislike of telepaths. She also dislikes people who can fling her across a room just by thinking about it. The reminder that mutants like him exist even prompted a fresh anti-social flight from the misanthropic flautist and hasn't exactly left a lot of room for the young man to explain himself.
Juno Hart Opportunity She gunned down a room full of armed men for me without asking, I watched bullets go through her without slowing down, and she's just my size. This one seems friendly, I'll need to keep my cat-eyes peeled…


Nerina/Nessuno Theme: Gymnopédies, 3. Lent et grave (03), by Erik Satie

Examples of Neri's flute music (Suggestions Welcome)
Carmelo Salemi playing lu friscalettu -

Personas and Art (WIP)


"Rusalka", Nerina's criminal disguise (pants are seasonal)
  • Rusalka is a good 6" taller than Nerina (5'7" instead of 5'1")
  • She speaks Russian or heavily-accented English exclusively, using more or less broken English depending on how much she likes her audience
  • Implicated in multiple thefts including several around Gotham and one jewelry store robbery in NYC


Nerina after a good wash, pictured with her happy face
  • Nerina is a good 6" shorter than Rusalka and most people in general (5'1")
  • She speaks Italian and Italian-accented English with conversational fluency
  • Most often found busking with a flute, selling seafood, or napping in out-of-the-way places
  • A little too fond of knives, even especially when they're pointed at her
  • Drinks water, a lot
  • Also drinks blood, her own blood, especially when stressed. It's a bad habit.
  • Always, always wears or carries her heart-shaped locket somewhere on her person (even Rusalka's hiding it in there)

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