Maria Hill
Eye Candy
Portrayed by Colbie Smulders
Full Name Maria Hill
Age 35
Height 5'8"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Dark
Skin Caucasian
Factions SHIELD


Hill isn't known to the public.


Maria is pragmatic and decisive.


Maria Hill started her career as an officer of the United States ARmed Forces and later joined SHIELD. She rose quickly through SHIELD's ranks, particularly through her work in Madripoor, and was recognized as a young star. Early in her career she managed to get the attention of the higher ups and was appointed as a high ranking SHIELD agent.

She operates under Fury's direction and discretion, often acting as a coordinator rather than an active field agent. She also engages in active field work despite her current status. These missions, however, tend to be highly directive in nature and typically have her taking on command rather than field duty.

Character Details

Hill is pragmatic, clear-headed, and acts dispassionately when making decisions. While it often seems like she doesn't care, she cares deeply, but manages to put her feelings aside in exchange for decisive action. She frequently comes up with plans that remove the emotions from the equation, giving her increased ability to work from a place of logical resolve.


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