Portrayed by Winston Duke
Full Name M'Baku
Age 32
Height 6'4"
Build Brick-like
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Skin Dark Brown



Internationally, M'Baku may or may not be known as an outspoken Wakandan anti-globalist whose character is all the stranger for his status as chieftain of a rural tribe that worships gorillas (whose skins he, and many of his tribe, appear to wear proudly). He is boastful and boisterous but, also, easily ignorable.


M'Baku has lived his entire life in the Jabari-lands, the rural northern province in the northwest area of Wakanda. As the son of a chieftain, M'Baku was educated by his nation's greatest minds, but he found himself - like many of his family members - drawn to the Jabari's traditional, primitivist perspective. M'Baku became one of the tribe's greatest hunters and warriors, pushing himself physically to his limits until it was time for him to assume leadership of the tribe.

M'Baku hunted and killed one of Wakanda's fabled white gorillas, bathing in its blood and eating its flesh in a ritual that bestowed upon him superhuman abilities - strength, resilience, and agility. Using his abilities to protect his people, M'Baku grew dissatisfied with Wakanda's slowly growing sense of global involvement, and he found himself wanting to expand the Jabari's traditionalism to Wakanda at large. Regularly, M'Baku challenged T'Challa to combat in the hopes of unseating the Black Panther and taking the throne himself. Each time, he was defeated - but never was M'Baku deterred from his goals. He has more recently decided to take action more directly and noticeably—perhaps so that Wakanda would be forced to resume its isolationist policies instead of joining the international stage.

Character Details

M'Baku is proud, loud, and fiercely nationalistic. He is perhaps the most vocal traditionalist in Wakandan politics, and his position as the chieftain of the Jabari tribe grants him some considerable authority to criticize T'Challa and his family - even if such gestures are expected from a Jabari by most Wakandans. In M'Baku's eyes, if Wakanda is to join the world stage, it should do so cautiously and protectively, like a hunter creeping upon dangerous prey.

Further, M'Baku is a very skilled warrior and is ever-ready to pounce on perceived weaknesses of his king in order to try and take charge of Wakanda. While M'Baku is not interested in cheating to win the day (whether to overcome T'Challa or some other foe), neither does he feel obligated to offer his enemies any quarter in order to achieve victory.


Image Name Relation Information
tchalla.jpg Black Panther Rival T'Challa is M'Baku's greatest political rival. As the Black Panther and king of Wakanda, T'Challa keeps the Jabari from running the nation as they would see fit.

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