Portrayed by
Full Name Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla
Age 23
Height 5'6"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Skin Caucasian
Factions X-Men



In Nova Roma, Amara Aquilla is the First Senator's daughter, blessed with powers by the Gods themselves, the one chosen to journey beyond the city and to teach the people of the world outside. In short, she's something of a celebrity.

Outside Nova Roma she has a much lower profile. She's known to the X-Men and their allies as Magma. The Hellfire Club know her as they once had designs on her homeland and one of their Inner Circle killed Amara's mother - a slight that she once tried very hard to avenge.

Beyond those groups she's largely an unknown, although that may change as Nova Roma opens up to the outside world.


Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla was born in Nova Roma, an hidden city deep in the Amazon rainforest created by Roman colonists who came to South America shortly after the death of Julius Caesar in 44 BC. She is the only child of Lucius Antonius Aquilla, First Senator of Nova Roma and leader of the Republican party in the Nova Roman Senate.

Amara's mother was killed by the Black Priestess when Amara was still young, as part of a power struggle between the Republican and Imperial factions in the Senate. Her father smuggled her out of the city to protect her from suffering a similar fate, and she lived with an indigenous tribe in the Amazon for a time.

Nova Roma's vast mineral wealth was discovered and coveted by outside forces allied to the Hellfire Club, and their agents aided the Imperial faction in attempting to sieze control of the city and institute Imperial rule. Amara's mutant powers manifested during this time and she barely escaped death at the hands of the Black Priestess - Selene.

The coup was defeated, but Lucius Aquilla recognised that Nova Roma would not remain hidden forever. Amara was sent to the outside world to learn, and later to return and teach the Nova Roman people to prepare them for the 21st century. Amara travelled to the Xavier School in the United States and, in addition to her studies, she was active for a time as the X-Man Magma.

Amara later returned to Nova Roma to share her knowledge, and the Senate has now decided that it is time for Nova Roma to emerge from its seclusion and seek alliances in the outside world. Accordingly, Amara has returned to the United States as their envoy, and to the X-Men.

Character Details

Amara is a product of two worlds, first century Rome and modern day America, and as a result she doesn't quite fit into either of them. On the surface she can seem calm and controlled, more or less at home in any company, but her passions run deep.

In Nova Roma she's the daughter of the First Senator of Nova Roma, a person of high social status who wanted for nothing the city could provide, but she was still the only child of a single parent who was often absent. She learned self reliance and took the duties of the household that should have been her mother's upon herself.

Amara is proud of her culture and city and that she is heir to the power and glory of ancient Rome. She strives to be worthy of it, holding strongly to the tenets of honour and duty and to her rights as a free-born citizen of the Republic. She is passionate in defence of her freedom and refuses to be dominated, she does not accept slights to her honour and she has little compunction in seeking vengeance for wrongs done to her.

The modern world has tempered Amara's perspective. Not every misunderstanding is a slight upon her honour, and not every slight needs to be avenged. She has learned that her city - with its inequality, slavery, and frequently lethal politics - isn't quite the perfect society she imagined it to be in her youth. But she cannot help feeling the modern world has lost something, too, in discarding as obsolete the concepts of honour and duty that mean so much to her.

Caught between these two worlds, Amara is a woman of strong passions that are usually well controlled, but is quick to anger when provoked. She is unwaveringly loyal to those she considers her friends, and considers wrongs done to them as wrongs done to her. She is slow to forgive those who set themselves against her and has an old fashioned view of how enemies should be treated that can border on bloodthirsty according to modern sensibilities.


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