Portrayed by
Full Name Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina
Age 22
Height 5'5"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Skin Pale
Factions Occult


Illyana is the supreme ruler of the hell dimension Limbo.


Illyana is known to other hell lords as the inheritor of Belasco's domain, and although she's not welcome in their councils they haven't tried to unseat her… yet.

She's also known, to some degree, as the ruler of Limbo by true experts in the field of the arcane, but as she hasn't yet proved to be the kind of existential threat that the other hell lords aspire to be, she probably hasn't attracted anywhere near as much attention or research.

In more mundane circles, she'll be recognised by the staff and students of the Xavier Institute as Piotr Rasputin's sister.


Illyana Rasputina was born in Russia, on the Ust-Ordynski Collective Farm, near Lake Baikal in Siberia, the youngest of three siblings. Her elder brothers were Mikhail and Piotr, though she barely knew Mikhail - she was still very young when he was supposedly killed during a space flight. Illyana had a close relationship with Piotr, and her earliest years were happy ones.

It wasn't to last. First, Piotr would leave, having saved Illyana from a runaway tractor and revealed himself as a mutant in the process. Then, Illyana would be kidnapped by the assassin Arcade and brought to the US. Her reunion with Piotr would be short-lived, as soon she would be abducted again - and this time there would be no swift rescue.

Illyana was taken to the hell-dimension Limbo by the demon sorcerer Belasco, where she was raised to be his apprentice and, ultimately, the gateway through which his Elder Gods would return and reclaim the Earth. If he had not been opposed by alternate-dimension versions of Ororo Munroe and Kitty Pryde, Belasco might very well have succeeded.

Ororo taught Illyana the basics of white magic, while Kitty - corrupted by Belasco into Cat - taught her how to fight and survive. Even so, before Illyana was finally able to defeat and banish Belasco from Limbo, she'd lose three-fifths of her soul - and Cat and Ororo would be dead by her hand.

Though she was now the ruler of Limbo, Illyana realised that to stay would risk the remnants of her soul, and so she returned to Earth. Although years had passed for her within Limbo, and she was no longer a child but a young woman, only moments had passed on Earth.

Returning to Earth as a teenager after her traumatic upbringing in Limbo wasn't easy, but Illyana adjusted, joining Professor Xavier's school and eventually becoming an X-Man.

New Illyana as of November 2018.

Character Details

"I'm only good because I want to be!"

This simple sentence neatly sums up Illyana's personality. She hasn't been innocent, or even entirely human, since she was seven years old. She was abducted by and apprenticed to a demon sorcerer in the hell dimension Limbo, three fifths of her soul were extracted and replaced with black magic, and her only friends and allies within Limbo died by her own hand. She should be irredeemably evil but somehow, despite the corruption in her soul, she isn't. Not quite. This isn't to say she's entirely good, either.

Despite growing up in hell, on the surface Illyana seems remarkably well adjusted. She can be a lot of fun and she has a keen sense of humour, but her amusement is often at someone else's expense. She's frequently sarcastic, occasionally spiteful, and she's not averse to twisting the knife when someone's in an awkward situation, just to see how much worse things can get. If someone crosses her, or worse, threatens someone important to her, Illyana can be an implacable enemy. She rarely forgives, never forgets, and she has an army of demons at her beck and call to ensure she gets her revenge.

In contrast, anyone who knows Illyana for what she truly is and accepts her despite the darkness in her soul will earn Illyana's loyalty, and she will do whatever she deems necessary to protect them.

Despite appearances to the contrary, Illyana is a damaged individual. Her morality is skewed toward her own wants and needs, together with the wants and needs of those she considers friends. Although she tries to do good, she cares less about the fate of others than she should, and not at all about the fate of those she considers her enemies. She doesn't wrestle with moral dilemmas much, because for her the hard decisions simply aren't all that hard from her point of view.

Illyana has a stubborn and independent streak, not to mention a temper that burns as hot as hellfire. She'll play by the rules and follow orders as long as it's convenient, but will break those rules and disobey those orders without a moment's hesitation if she feels it's right to do so. When she's angry it's easy to provoke her to act impulsively, which can put her in danger, not to mention draw out her more demonic side.

For all this, Illyana's a survivor. Hell couldn't break her, and as far as she's concerned nothing else will, either.


RP Logs & Journals

April 30, 2019: Clubbing Bites

Rachel and Illyana take a break from it all and go clubbing. Naturally, vampires happen.

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April 02, 2019: My Turn

It starts with angry prunning (Rachel has a chainsaw!) and ends up with them talking about their current problems in turn. It was one of THOSE days at Xavier's

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March 25, 2019: The Regretful Sorceress

After months of absence and an Inferno, Illyana returns to Dr. Strange's house.

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February 26, 2019: How Do You Convince Everyone You're Not A Supervillain?

Time frame is just directly after Highway To The Danger Room, Rachel and Illyana basically say enough is enough, and decide to take a small break away from everything. This is Part One.

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February 15, 2019: Highway to the Danger Room

Nate runs a Danger Room session with the dual goal of training and talking about the cyborg attack on Mutant Town. But multi-tasking doesn't work like that. (Dumb idea, Nate)

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February 11, 2019: Bad Influences

Nate and Illyana come to visit Lorna in the medbay, as well as to get her up and out.

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February 09, 2019: No Escape

A brutal attack on Mutant Town and a murder attempt against Lorna Dane have a group of heroes and vigilants fighting killer cyborgs on the streets of District X. (Emits by Nate)

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January 22, 2019: All Those Sheep

Happening just after "Rifts in Reality: Professor X". Illyana and Nate go looking for Rachel in the rifts dimension. There might be killer vampire sheep involved.

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January 02, 2019: Retail Therapy

Rachel finds Illyana moping over breakfast. Shopping cures everything.

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