Portrayed by Gemma Arterton
Full Name Vivienne Anaïs Benoit
Age 22
Height 5'10"
Build Athletic, Curvaceous
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Skin Caucasian
Factions The Vatican, Cyberforce, Occult


“When others asked the truth of me, I was convinced it was not the truth they wanted, but an illusion they could bear to live with.”


As The Magdalena, Vivienne’s reputation precedes her whether she is facing the faithful or the faithless. Even if she wished it, she could not avoid the notoriety that comes from being of the line of The Christ, the strong arm of the Church, or the shield that was forged to protect the world from evil. All that she can hope to do, is to use that reputation to tip the scales towards truth, justice, and faith. As Vivienne Benoit, she has none such reputation, but is known in some circles as an occult researcher and student.


  • Born in France, retrieved from her birth mother when she was less than two years old, to be brought to the Convent of Our Lady of Agonies to be indoctrinated into the life of a Magdalena. She has been told that the name which she has now, Vivienne Anais Benoit, is not her birth name, but she has no idea of what her name might once have been, in the time before she was chosen.
  • Spent the better part of her childhood behind convent walls, leaving only when her presence was required at the Vatican, as the Cardinals sought to gauge her progress. Although she was not the sole girl being trained at that time, friendships between the girls were discouraged, and she had no close friends, and little concept of what it meant to be socially engaged.
  • Her ascension to being the The Magdalena came unexpectedly, after the death of the woman who held the title before her. She was barely fifteen, three years younger than any of her predecessors of recent memory, when she had the rites performed on her to allow her to come into her ability to access the Light of Truth.
  • During the Ritual, when her power blossomed, she was given a vision of the Church, the glory it contained, as well as the darkness and corruption that festered in its heart. Vivienne fervently believes that she was given this vision as an insight into her destiny to be the one to lead the Church out of the darkness that is corrupting it. It broke her of her mindless obedience to the Church, but only strengthened her faith in God and her divine mission. But that does not mean that her road was or will be an easy one. The road to redemption rarely is.
  • From that moment, when her childhood came to an abrupt end, Vivienne, now with a name to call her own beyond ‘girl’ or ‘child’, found herself sent out into the world, first with a cadre of Swiss Guard who served as her handlers, and later, as she matured, by herself, to fulfill the missions of the Church as set out for her by the Cardinals of the Inquisition.
  • Vivienne spent the first three years of her calling strictly in Western Europe, but in later years, found herself traveling far into Eastern Europe and Russia. Where she was needed, she went. It’s only been recently that she has been assigned to the United States, set up in a safe house, and given instruction to wait for the missions which will surely come.

Character Details


There is something imminently calm about Vivienne. Some inner peace that seems to suffuse her. She exhibits a master’s control on her emotions, and does not often rise to anger, unless it is the righteous anger that she feels in the face of evil. Above and beyond that calm, she exhibits a boundless curiosity about the world, the people in it, and the ways in which it moves and works. She may not have been raised, strictly speaking, in the world, but now that she has arrived, she seems keen in devouring all of the information about it she can find. Though she had great faith, she does not judge others, lest she herself be judged, as they say, but seeks to, even when faced with evil, at least make the attempt to find the good. Should none exist, she will dispatch her duties with relentless zeal.


Song of the Moment



  • As far as a 'cover', hers is that she is an international scholar, a doctoral student from the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome, Italy. With either a large enough stipend or a big enough bank account that she has more than enough free time on her hands.

Concealed Carry

  • When not in 'use', the Spear has the ability to mask itself, growing small enough that it can be easily concealed on her person. In this smaller form, it appears as only the spearhead, with a very short haft, only long enough for a hand grip.

A Guard's Perspective

"The child was never meant to be the Magdalena. The Church took her from her family, stole the life she was destined to live, trained her to stand ready in the wings. They did not care that they might have taken her life for nothing. They had had too much experience in loss, you see.

She was a hedged bet.

What life she would have known, if she had had the freedom to live untouched by duty, ignorant of her heritage? She might have known the joy that comes from loving, from being loved. The joy of family, of friends, of freedom. Of hope. Now she has been called, and I fear she will know only pain. Only endless sacrifice." - Josef

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