Lois Lane
Portrayed by
Full Name Lois Joanne Lane
Age 28
Height 5'6
Build Athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Skin Caucasian
Factions None



Ambitious to a fault. Sometimes very rude.


Lois Lane grew up the oldest daughter of Sam Lane, a decorated general and military leader. Her childhood consisted of constantly moving from base to base. Because her father would've preferred a son, he was extremely critical and pushy with Lois, who always felt a strong need to prove herself.

After excelling in academics and college, Lois decided to pursue a career in journalism. Her tenacity and willingness to put herself in danger lead her to break a huge story while still relatively young, vaulting her to a place of prominence and prestige. She's earned that position, however, continually writing and investigating. She's considered the preeminent journalist of superhuman affairs and has a couple of Pulitzer prizes to show for it.

Character Details

When in private, there is a certain kindness and gentleness that Lois has. Her smile lights up the room and the laughter flows freely. Beers and burgers are her mantra with an occasional shot of whiskey and a cigar to wind down for the night. But in the day time, the clock hits work and she's all business. Not a scowl but tactful. Not a bitch but a formidable character. Often not mindlessly barreling into trouble, but carefully considering her next step, and the next ten after.


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