Lex Luthor
Portrayed by Ralph Fiennes
Full Name Lex Luthor
Age 45
Height 6'1"
Build Solid, Fit
Eyes Blue
Hair Bald (red)
Skin Caucasian
Factions Hellfire Club


"I would say 'Do you know who I am?' but of course you do. I'm Lex Luthor. Everyone knows who I am."


Internationally known industrialist, philanthropist and genius. Loved by some, feared by many.


Lex Luthor is the only child of Lionel Luthor, a formidable inventor and tech genius who began the Luthor Corporation when Lex was merely a child. His father had a reputation for innovation, brilliance and a certain ruthless demeanor. That wasn't lost on his only son, who often felt either neglected or outright abused by a father who expected a great deal and offered little but money in return. Brilliant and prone to drama, Lex plotted his rise by the time he was thirteen. By 21, he personally owned majority shares in the company, forcing his father into retirement and renaming his empire Lexcorp.

In the years since, Lex has built a mixed reputation. He's civic-minded, protective of Metropolis, outspoken and known for extensive philanthropy. He's also a shameless capitalist, enjoys displaying his wealth and is known to humiliate and destroy anyone who crosses him. Unknown to most, the increasing rise of superhumans in general life, particular the so-called heroes, galls Lex's ego to such a degree that he occasionally dabbles in outright supervillainy, funding and brainstorming projects to increase his power and humiliate these so-called saviors. Of course, he keeps enough at arm's length that it's difficult to tie him to anything illegal directly - although there are rumors.

Character Details

Lex Luthor is a universe unto himself. He not only believes that the world revolves around him, he does his very best to make sure that it does, bending his great intellect, wealth and power towards making himself the crux about which all things turn. He regards himself as essential, as a true ubermensch (not to be confused with alien supermen lauded for the mere possession of unusual biology). He indulges himself greatly and denies himself nothing, unless he thinks that denial will increase his greatness or his power. He has a formidable will and intense personal charisma and magnetism. He tends to control and push people around almost on instinct, with a kind of reflexive sense of dominance. All he sees, he owns. Arrogant, preening, vainglorious and absolutely corrupt, he believes wholeheartedly in his vision and in making the world a better place, reshaped in his image and forged in the shadow of his achievements.


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