Lady Mastermind
Lady Mastermind
Portrayed by Samara Weaving
Full Name Regan Wyngarde
Age 22
Height 5'9"
Build Slender, yoga-type athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Skin Caucasian
Factions Suicide Squad


Rich heiress and once sold out the X-men for personal gain. Awkward.


Spoiled, sociopathic, and entitled. Regan has a long history of infighitng within the Wyngarde family, abusing the trust of the extended X-Family, and quickly shifting her allegiances to focus on her number one interest: Herself. When you're winning and rich, you can buy new friends, right?


- The middle daughter of the late Jason Wyngarde, also known as Mastermind. She has a hate-hate relationship with half-sister Martinique, and prefers her other half-sister, Megan, because she is not Martinique.

- From the earliest signs of her mutation, she has worked with Sebastian Shaw in a number of criminal adventures, ranging from framing multiple government and financial industry figures, the assassination of lofty oil industry nephews in Dubai, and the execution of other personal vendettas on behalf of the man, acting as a member of the Hellfire Club.

- Was kidnapped by the Fordyce Clinic and experimented on as part of a study to determine if mutation was communicable. There, she was rescued by the X-Men. She formed a temporary friendship with the X-Men and fought alongside them until using her illusory powers to set the team up for an ambush by the Marauders.

- Is a former member of the Sisterhood of Mutants, having joined under the belief that their contacts could resurrect her dead father. Sadly, this did not go as planned, and her father remains deceased.

- Maintaining her presence with the Marauders and the Hellfire Club, Regan was eventually captured by the Justice League, and forced into incarceration in a high-security metahuman prison. There, she served her sentence until she was able to stage a jailbreak alongside other super-powered inmates. Once freed, she went on a spree of heists, highly publicized framings, and lived a life of privilege.

- In her final heist, Regan sought to 'acquire' a large fortune in jewels from a prestigious museum display in Metropolis. There, forces from a DEO task force were lying in wait. In the ambush, Regan was tranquilized and subdued. Effectively an escaped convict at the time of her arrest, her case was transferred over to the DEO to do with as they please.

Character Details

At heart, Regan is a conflicted soul. She was raised in the Wyngarde pedigree and has believed since childhood that she's the next leg of human evolution. This world is set to be inherited by people of her power and persuasion, and the Wyngarde family is a strong, powerful tradition. She's been a member of the Hellfire Club, and prestige is a place where she intends to place herself. The world is, very much, her oyster.

So why haven't things worked out? She's had few friends, but that's because she finds it hard to find peers. Instead, she's had temporary allies, and has been bred to be prepared for people to turn on her for their own benefit at any second. So, why is SHE the bad one when she does it to others? It's just the way the world works, and the frustration for being blamed for being no different than the backstabbing masses is endless.

Queue Regan's latent sociopathy. She has a hard time feeling remorse in this world for anyone but herself, and is slow to understand the struggles of others. With a varying meter for decency, her only responsibility in this world is to herself, and it should be the same for others. Whether the friends she makes are long-lasting or temporary, she can be sweet as pie one moment, and stealing and running up your credit card the next.


Image Name Relation Information
TaskmasterUDON.jpg Skullfaced Badass Senpai? Please don't ever let me see your face? I have a theory and I don't want to be disappointed if you look like Macaulay Culkin under that thing. Oh! Also? Thanks for not pulling the trigger.
rose-wilson-cosplay-1-e1461186901417.jpg Sexual Velociraptor Hooker SKWAD Well…the likelihood that I'll die ten minutes after getting laid just went up tenfold, didn't it? FML OMG WTF. Okay. You're #1 on my list of people to get waterboarded next to.
2d7c7aa94a774255eb81530cf8ed63e7.jpg MC MurderTwin #2 SKWAAAAD She's awesome. You know how hanging out with someone really overweight always makes you the hot one? Hanging out with Harls, I'm not the crazy one. Don't tell her I said that.
latest?cb=20161207031842 Hotness Apocalypse My Once and Future Queen Can I say that it sucks that you got stuck inside of June? Like…June's okay. With an O. I wish I had a button that I could push and POKE you back in whenever I wanted, because seriously, I'm 99% sure you being all free is gonna be A-maze-balls. I seriously wish we could club together. Sorry, June. The WITCH is my SKWAD.

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