Kirsty Coleman
Portrayed by Kyrie LaPatra
Full Name Kirsty Coleman
Age 22
Height 5'4''
Build Thin and Wiery
Eyes Hazel
Hair Platinum Blonde
Skin Caucasian
Factions None


Among spirits Screwball is one of the last helpful people available to them. So she has come to be known as a go to for spirits under duress.


During the day to day Kirsty is regarded as a handicapped individual which comes with a degree of separation from those around her. But, to those who know why she bares this stigma she is seen as a troubled youth who is simply trying to come to terms with her powers. She can easily be seen as a potential threat that needs to be sheltered by those with knowledge of spiritual, astral, or dimensional matters.


Kirsty Coleman was born to your average family in upstate New York. Her Father was a US Army Veteran; now, security guard at a nuclear plant. Her Mother working part time at a lumber mill. For the most part Kirsty was regarded as a normal kid with exceptional skills and a talent for art. Kirsty's parents were supportive to a degree; but, often disregarded Kirsty's personal triumphs as "That's good sweetheart." This of course made any real success feel unimportant in the young Kirsty's mind. This small fact led to a emotional separation between Kirsty and her parents all the way to high school.

It was in high school that Kirsty's mutant gene activated and she began to experience Pseudo Spiritual events and Precognition's. As her mutant powers are not outwardly visible Kirsty spent a lot of her time in and out of therapy. She was also prescribed a rainbow of anti-psychotics and anti-depressants in order to make her functional. Truth was Kirsty was just so doped up her powers didn't bother her. This was until a spirit choose to violently enter Kirsty due to her drug induced stupor. Feeling alienated the ghost took control of Kirsty and made her attack and almost kill the spirits long time friend who he found out after death had betrayed him and cheated with his wife. If not for the intervention of a young spirit named John Winters the vengeful spirit likely would have caused Kirsty to be imprisoned for murder.

John or Johnny as Kirsty likes to call him then helped her and motivated her to stop using the drugs to dull her senses. Soon Kirsty managed to gain some understanding of her mutant abilities although she never really learned she was a mutant. Although the damage was done, and with a few more possession's during her high school life she was labeled clinically disabled and any future prospects she may have had were destroyed. Kirsty had alot of resentment for this at first; but, soon she began to help lost souls like Johnny at Johnny's request and her motivations for life became renewed. Kirsty began to help the spirits around her and the people around her as she was able. All the while keeping the guise of a Screwball to those who cared to look her way. After all it meant a government assigned job and a monthly paycheck so their was no real complaints to the now 18 year old. Kirsty continued to live with her parents for a time; but, eventually earned enough trust from them and her therapists to get an apartment of her own nearby. In many ways Kirsty's now estranged parents were relieved to be rid of her as much as Kirsty was relieved to be rid of them. Nowadays Kirsty spends her days bagging grocery's at a local Foodmart and spends her free time helping spirits and people that may come into danger under the guise of a poorly costumed hero named Screwball.

Character Details

Kirsty is a kind all be it strange young woman. She can come off as a bit awkward in the way she deals with people. Although many would consider her sweet despite her limitations.


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