Kendra Walker
Portrayed by Indiana Evans
Full Name Kendra Alora Walker
Age 18
Height 5'5"
Build Lithe and athletic
Eyes L: Green R: Blue
Hair Auburn
Skin Caucasian
Factions Winter Court




Kendra is the oldest living daughter of Alice Walker. Born and raised almost half of her life in Britain her life was uprooted suddenly ten years ago when they moved to the States. While she fit in there was always some resentment for her mother that she kept hidden.

When her own powers appeared, much later than her sisters, her mother was already too distracted by Autumn's own unique needs to have much time for her. Jealousy brewed and she hated herself for it. Putting on a show for the family and plotting her life away and free for years. A month before her eighteenth birthday the guy she had the hots for in school, Johnathon, started hitting on her and they began to date. And then he kidnapped her.

Or rather Nukem kidnapped her, having been disguised as the kid for the last month in order to earn Kendra's trust. The original plan had been to kidnap her and use her against her mother so he could complete his obligation to Queen Mab and finally be free of service to her. But he fell in love with his captive and he her. And then they were attacked and he had no choice but to call on his Queen for aid.

When Kendra met Mab the queen demanded payment for her rescue. Nukem tried to pay but was denied as he already owed her and had for ten years. So Kendra gave her memories. Almost all of her fond memories of her family are gone. What remains is bitter anger, jealousy, and hate.

Character Details

A nerd who has a desperate need for love and attention. But 'things' have always loved her or payed more attention to her than others. Until Nukem that is. Now that innocent and sad nerdiness has gained an edge of hate and anger that is dark and gritty.


Alice/Alchemist - Mother
Autumn Walker - Sister
Nukem - Partner in Crime (Secretly in love)

This is Alice Walker's NPC. Please only use with permission.

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