Iron Guard
Portrayed by
Full Name Nathaniel Richards
Age 20
Height 6'
Build Fit
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Skin Caucasian
Factions Avengers


Pretty much unknown, although some research will show a hero called Iron Lad was some kind of teen version of Iron Man a few years ago. He wasn't around for long.


No one knows much about Nathaniel Richards yet. And for now he prefers it that way.


Kang the Conqueror was a time traveling criminal that claimed to be from the 30th Century. History records in the far future state he was a reckless time-travelling, warmonger, xenocidal madman, a destroyer of nations. But he was just a figure of the distant past, like Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun or Conan of Cimmeria. Fascinating only for amateur historians like Nathaniel Richards, but unimportant for most of humankind.

Because in the clean, brilliant world that is Earth in the 40th millennium, things like war, conquest, conflict and adventure just don't happen anymore. 100 galaxies are united under the glorious Pax Terra, the greatest civilization in the history of the universe. It has been so for ten thousand years and it seems it will be so forever. After centuries of struggle, humans have achieved all their dreams. Perfection. Immortality. Peace. Order. Happiness. For most human beings, it is paradise.

Not so for Nathaniel, who was cursed with an adventurer spirit in a time when there was nothing left to challenge humankind, no cause to risk one's life and no secrets left to discover. An ambitious genius, he craved challenge. He also greatly admired the heroes of the past: the warriors, the scientists, the explorers.

His fascination by the 'barbaric' past, his superior intellect and his arrogance made Nathaniel few friends. He was way ahead than his peers and childhood friends in his studies, and even in the distant, hyper-civilized future petty jealously among teenagers sometimes led to violence.

Nathaniel was almost 16, he got into a real fight, a fight, with a boy his age called Morgan that . There were punches, he was knocked flat and Morgan took his stimuloid prototype robot. Nathaniel retaliated electrifying the mini-robot. Morgan aimed a kicked to the face. A very dangerous kick because Morgan was wearing metal flying shoes and they had a sharp edge.

Time stopped.

Kang the Conqueror, infamous temporal war criminal appeared. Nathaniel knew him, of course, Kang was a super-villain that had conquered and ruled regions of the Earth in the distant past. His exploits in parallel timelines were often even more terrifying. Whole star empires had been toppled, conquered, or created because of his actions.

And Kang unmasked, showing Nathaniel they were one and the same. Kang explained he had decided to prevent one of the most bitted events of his life, when he was badly maimed by a bully and even with the medical technology available he almost died, spent a long time in the hospital and had his parents go through a lot of grief and hardship. Kang showed Nathaniel his deeds, his past, which was also his younger self future. Then Kang gave Nathaniel his armor and encouraged to kill the bully and start his 'glorious' conquering career earlier, and better.

But Nathaniel was horrified. He was maybe not the nicest boy in the world, but lacking Kang's bitter injury experience, his years as a god-pharaoh in Egypt and the decades, maybe centuries of ruthless conquests, what Kang showed him didn't look glorious but monstrous. He turned the armor against Kang and fled. Acting almost without thinking, he time-jumped.

All the way to the early 21st Century, seeking the help of the Avengers, the group of heroes that the historical records stated had defeated Kang many times and decisively. Unfortunately the older King was hot in his trail, apparently trying to prevent divergent timelines with a radically different Nathaniel Richards sprouting. Due to the bloody conflict between his older self, the Avengers and younger heroes called the Young Avengers, Nathaniel was forced to time jump again to prevent an entire timeline's collapse.

This is how started the adventure Nathaniel had always craved, at a scale he could have never have imagined. A battle against himself across time and parallel Earths. A fight with himself to prevent his own destiny as a super-villain. It was never truer that some men need to be careful what they wish for.

Character Details

Driven and focused, Nathaniel usually leaves a strong impression on almost anyone meeting him. His mind is always working in multiple levels, scheming and evaluating. He is ambitious and arrogant, a take-charge personality that usually behaves as if he was the smartest person in the building. And he is usually right.
But Nathaniel is also a man in war with himself. Literally. Much of his time and brain-power is devoted to developing strategies to defeat the infamous future version of himself known as Kang the Conqueror. He is also constantly second-guessing himself, and trying to steer his behavior away from his natural and somewhat sociopathic impulses. He doesn't want to become Kang.
It is hard, as deep down Nathaniel is ruthless and megalomaniac, and he knows he could lead humankind to glory, and bring peace to the Earth and the entire galaxy.
And he will, but only once Kang is defeated.
And he will do it through peaceful means, and not military conquest. He is better than Kang.
For the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.


RP Logs & Journals

June 02, 2019: The Code

Sage and Iron Guard met at the Avengers Mansion to talk about the Sentinels programming, the location of the Master Mold and the next steps to end the robot threat.

(permalink: log:8493 | tags: kang sage sup | posted: 04 Jun 2019 10:49)

May 27, 2019: Master Mold

Sage and Iron Guard go hack a Sentinel, and find far more than expected.

(permalink: log:8489 | tags: kang sage sup | posted: 28 May 2019 00:44)

May 04, 2019: Far From Home

Iron Guard finds fellow time traveller Lar Gand in the middle of New York. Some advice is given.

(permalink: log:8477 | tags: kang mon-el nyc | posted: 06 May 2019 01:40)

April 20, 2019: Science Talk

Sage calls Iron Guard to talk about the AIM underground factory and related problems.

(permalink: log:8455 | tags: kang nyc sage sup | posted: 21 Apr 2019 01:19)

April 07, 2019: Cookies for all

Caitlin Fairchild arranges a meet and greet for young heroes in the first-ever 'Titans Outreach Day.

(permalink: log:8434 | tags: bakeneko fairchild kang spider-man titans wasp | posted: 08 Apr 2019 03:13)

March 20, 2019: Interesting People

Iron Guard got an accidental mind-link with Sage when they were fighting monsters in the Rift. So he has been looking for her. And he found her.

(permalink: log:8419 | tags: kang nyc sage | posted: 22 Mar 2019 01:15)

March 03, 2019: Crimes Against Food

Late night at the mansion, three Avengers met to chat briefly about current events. Tony crazy food tastes are unveiled.

(permalink: log:8402 | tags: avengers iron_man kang nyc spoiler sup | posted: 03 Mar 2019 19:14)

January 27, 2019: Alone in the Dark

X-Men and Stark allies move to end the rifts!

(permalink: log:8375 | tags: caitlin_fairchild iron_guard iron_man kang miss_america polaris psylocke rifts_in_reality sage | posted: 28 Jan 2019 05:19)

January 05, 2019: Rifts In Reality: Between

Avengers…and others assemble to hunt the the source of the rifts.

(permalink: log:8325 | tags: black_widow hawkeye_b iron_man kang nyc oracle psylocke rifts_in_reality sage she_hulk wasp | posted: 06 Jan 2019 05:09)

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