Portrayed by Himself
Full Name Cain Marko
Age 65
Height 9'5"+
Build Mountainous
Eyes Blue
Hair Red
Skin Caucasian


Being an unstoppable force of nature.


The Juggernaut is known as one of the most powerful and destructive forces on the planet. Cain Marko still retains a civilian non public identity though at times has been confused for being a mutant or random meta.


Considered among the strongest and most powerful beings on the planet, Juggernaut is the embodiment of physical power with virtually limitless strength and durability. Despite his great power he's largely pursued criminal pursuits and a grudge against his step brother, Charles Xavier and Xavier's X-men. Though this grudge has cooled over the years, his reputation for wanton destruction and being physically unstoppable is well known and he remains a prolific figure in the superhuman and criminal world.

Character Details

A schoolyard bully with the strength to move mountains, The Juggernaut does not seem to be very complicated on the surface. Unrefined, arrogant, selfish, boorish, single minded, and destructive are just some of the negative traits that can be applied to him. The use of his powers can be cataclysmic in scope and he seems to have very little regret or understanding of his own scope or just what happens to the world around him when he sets his mind on doing something. He cannot be said to be truly evil but he does show the results of unimaginable and seemingly limitless power in the hands of someone who can't think beyond simple thuggery. At times he's at best a blue collar mercenary-hitman and at worst a petulant man child who won't think twice about his actions collapsing an entire building around you if you challenge him or spill his drink.

Within his core, as with all people, the issues run deep. The abuse he suffered as a child and his warped perception of the world has influenced his world view as a grown man. He's slow to make friends but loyal, perhaps to a fault and a lack of clear thinking, when he does categorize someone in that way. Though selfish and destructive he is not a blood thirsty berserk monster and he has the capacity to rethink his actions, show mercy and even do sincere good even at risk of offending his patron power source. At the end of the day, old habits die hard and it's not uncommon for him to come full circle and seemingly back to his old ways despite having temporary moments of epiphany.


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