Jonah Maiava
Portrayed by Earl Baylon
Full Name Jonah Maiava
Age 37
Height 6'0"
Build Muscular
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Skin Deep Tan
Factions n/a


Jonah is known for his cooking. In the army his unit loved it
and his friends even now love to eat whatever he makes. This
is a passion he wants to share with the world.


Jonah is known for being spiritual and being able to sense
when danger is near. He will protect his friends at all costs
long as it doesn't go against his beliefs. He is also known
for his cooking and being a gentle giant most of the time.


Early Life::
Born a native of New Zealand, Jonah grew up with an abusive father which he
would hide from protecting his younger brother. He eventually went to live
with his grandmother in Hawaii. It was from her he learned to cook and what
would help him spiritually.

Once old enough he returned to New Zealand to join the army. He was popular
among the others for being able to sense danger and his strength of being able
to carry the heavy stuff without much effort plus they enjoyed his cooking and
preperation of good meals.

Unfortunately Jonah was injured in the line of duty which led to an honorable
discharge. Afterwards he went to work as a chef for his sister in a cafe. A
man watched as he carried four crates of seafood one day on the docks and was
impressed with his strength and offered him work as the cook on a ship called
the Endurance.

Being commissioned for a journey and once funding was secure Jonah tended to
his normal duties on the ship. he even taught a man the proper way to clean a
fish, alway willing to teach those willing to learn.

Over time he noticed some of his jaffa cakes, biscuit-sized cakes that has
three layers: a Genoise sponge base, a layer of orange flavored jelly and a
coating of chocolate, seemed to go missing. So playing detective he noticed a
woman would sneak in and get them. One day he caught the girl sneaking in and
learned she is Lara Croft. He suprised her with a crate full of jaffa cakes
all her own.

The ship headed to the Dragon's Triangle, which Jonah was against believing
he could sense evil there. He was right when the ship ran into a supernatural
storm and was wrecked. Jonah made it to land with four others but some of the
crew he saw were dead.

The captain sent a transmission and he and the survivors began a long trek to
find the location. Along the way they got a distress call from another crew
member which they detoured to go help coming across Lara stuck in a trap,
Jonah helped her out of it sending he with another member of the group to find
the Captain while they go forward to find the other crew member. His group was
captured and locked away in a cage. Being rescued by Lara, they gathered their
stuff and had to fight their way out to see a helicopter crash. Among the
crash the Captain was dead so they built a funeral pyre to send him off as a

Jonah could sense something wasn't allowing them to leave the island. Though
eventually they were able to leave losing a couple more friends in the process
but at least they are alive.

New York::
He moved to New York with his friend Lara so they can remain close. For now
he works as a chef in a restaurant but hopes to open his own establishment
soon enough or perhaps even host cooking classes for those wanting to learn.
He has a hippy looking van decorated with hawaiian style paint and hasn't
changed much. He is always willing though to go on another adventure.

Character Details

Jonah looks big and tough but really has a heart of gold. Some have even
called him the gentle giant which loves to cook, fish, go adventuring with
friends. Though he is gentle he is protective over his friends and family if
the happen to be around.

Cooking is his passion and he often is making his own recipes to share with
others. Jonah is also very spiritual and has strong beliefs. So much so he
would sacrifice a friend if it peased the spirits though he has never had to
do this.


Image Name Relation Information
LC2.jpg Lara Croft Best Friend He calls her 'Little Bird' and she is very much his best friend.

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