Portrayed by Ben Barnes
Full Name Billy Russo
Age 30
Height 6'1"
Build Athletic
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Black
Skin Caucasian


"Guys like us, Frank, we need this! It's all we're good for. Just a couple of assholes who thought we could have the good things in life. But we are not good people, Frank. We never were! What happens when we're dead? Nothing. Who mourns us, huh? Nobody. Me and you, Frankie… we're the same."-Billy Russo


Billy Russo is not a name too many people know, at least those out of the veteran or PMC circles. If people are in those circles they know him to be an exceptional soldier, playboy and now relatively wealthy head of a small PMC with ambitions far larger than its actual size.

As Cerberus his current operating name he is also not excpetionally well known outside certain law enforcement agencies and criminal groups. So far he has been relatively small scale in the grand scheme of things. Pulling off a couple of incredibly well coordinated bank jobs and armoured car heists.


Billy has not had an easy life, from the time he was born he has always had to be a warrior. He was born to a crackhead mom before being abandoned by her. From there he was lost into the system, bouncing from foster home to foster home. None of them lasting more than six months at a time. Finally he was put into a group home. Although calling it a home is like calling Meth the nectar of the gods. He found out the hard way that not all good samaritans volunteer at orphanages for altruistic reasons. Some do it for easy access to lonely vulnerable children. Even then though against someone so much bigger than him Billy showed the spirit that would push him so far later in life. He took a bat to his attacker, getting in a few good hits before being overwhelmed and severely beaten. His early childhood taught him an important lesson; there is only one person you can ever really rely on. Yourself.

As soon as he came of age he left his former life behind and joined the Marine core where he quickly excelled creating several strong bonds with other exceptional soldiers. From there his rise was meteoric, making Marine Force Recon in record time before being recruited into a special operations group ran by the CIA and finally into Cerberus Squad. Cerberus squads mission was simple. Do the things the Military cannot be seen doing in his modern age and take on missions that no one else would touch. They conducted assassinations on HVT's as well as kidnappings and intense interrogations. Billy Russo is a smart man it didn't take him long to put all the dots together, discovering that not all the missions were totally above board. Not even in the incredibly loose standards of the CIA ran black ops. Managing to play his cards right he finished his time with Cerberus Squad managing to line his pockets enough to begin getting his PMC off the ground, but it was not enough. Not for what he has envisioned. So he turned the beginning of a PMC into an elite crew and took to the streets to make the rest of his fortune and finally his dream a reality.

Character Details

Charming, suave and warm. At least on the surface…


Theme Song

RP Logs & Journals

April 19, 2019: Something Stupid

Lena and Billy have adopted a sick alien.

(permalink: log:8453 | tags: captain_cold_l jigsaw mon-el | posted: 20 Apr 2019 21:08)

April 17, 2019: War & Politics

Billy meets Lena's space friend Lar.

(permalink: log:8448 | tags: jigsaw mon-el | posted: 18 Apr 2019 02:51)

April 17, 2019: What to Expect when you're Expecting

Billy and Lena catch up to have a nice chat, and talk about Alien child-rearing.

(permalink: log:8445 | tags: captain_cold_l jigsaw nyc | posted: 16 Apr 2019 23:45)

April 09, 2019: Code Red

Russo teams the crew with getting his boys out of a secured wing of a hospital.

(permalink: log:8436 | tags: captain_cold_l deadshot jigsaw nyc | posted: 09 Apr 2019 05:56)

April 04, 2019: Welcome to the World of Art

Karen and Cait run into Billy and Lena at an art auction. Cait is pushed under the social bus via Karen.

(permalink: log:8430 | tags: captain_cold_l fairchild jigsaw nyc power_girl | posted: 05 Apr 2019 06:45)

March 10, 2019: No plan ever survives contact with superheroes or sun gods.

An armoured car robbery doesn't go entirely to plan.

(permalink: log:8415 | tags: amaterasu jigsaw wasp | posted: 11 Mar 2019 03:53)

February 25, 2019: Men go to Prison, Dogs get...blown up?

Deadshot, Jigsaw and Cold go after Mad Dog. The results are explosive.

(permalink: log:8395 | tags: captain_cold_l deadshot jigsaw metropolis nyc | posted: 25 Feb 2019 03:54)

February 02, 2019: A Moment In Time - Part Two

Time jumps, but the story continues.

(permalink: log:8381 | tags: captain_cold_l jigsaw | posted: 05 Feb 2019 01:14)

February 01, 2019: A Moment In Time - Part One

What dreams may be when the past twists in on itself?

(permalink: log:8380 | tags: captain_cold_l jigsaw nyc | posted: 05 Feb 2019 01:13)

January 27, 2019: The Toaster Man Part Deux

Billy saves Cassie before she beats a Slasher to death and cooks him on subway tracks.

(permalink: log:8379 | tags: hack jigsaw nyc | posted: 02 Feb 2019 05:21)

January 26, 2019: Hunting for Spider-Man

The Enforcers are after Spider-Man. Some heroes help keep that from happening.

(permalink: log:8373 | tags: grifter jigsaw neon spider-man white_queen | posted: 28 Jan 2019 01:13)

January 24, 2019: Keep Breathing

The aftermath of the Big Belly Burger shooting leads Billy to visit an old friend.

(permalink: log:8367 | tags: jigsaw nyc | posted: 24 Jan 2019 23:56)

January 23, 2019: Cheeseburger Standoff

Fun times are had at the local Big Belly Burger.

(permalink: log:8365 | tags: captain_cold_l deadshot jigsaw nyc red_hood | posted: 23 Jan 2019 04:37)

January 22, 2019: The Rule of Threes

A trio of the darker types meet at a mansion. Not intentionally.

(permalink: log:8363 | tags: captain_cold_l deadshot jigsaw nyc | posted: 22 Jan 2019 09:03)

January 20, 2019: Daylight Robbery

Russo and his crew take hostages to steal from an armored van right as Amaterasu is passing by with a burger.

(permalink: log:8358 | tags: amaterasu jigsaw nyc | posted: 20 Jan 2019 06:24)

January 19, 2019: The White Rabbit

Lena attempts to get something from Billy. Free is never free.

(permalink: log:8354 | tags: captain_cold_l jigsaw nyc | posted: 19 Jan 2019 14:25)

January 18, 2019: You Shot Me!

Captain Cold meets Billy the Beaut (and Crew).

(permalink: log:8353 | tags: captain_cold_l jigsaw nyc | posted: 19 Jan 2019 14:05)

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