Jane Foster
Portrayed by Natalie Portman
Full Name Jane Foster
Age 30
Height 5'3"
Build Petite
Eyes Brown
Hair Brunette
Skin Caucasian
Factions S.H.I.E.L.D


Noted astrophysicist, believed brilliant or eccentric or a hack, and the pioneer of the controversial Foster Theory.


Considered one of the top astrophysicists of this generation, Dr. Jane Foster is similarly noted to be one of the most controversial, reviled among the academic community for chasing what she has published the Foster Theory: the possibility of wormhole-generation technology. While it's a claim that's made her a bit of an outcast among her peers, the woman remains undaunted in progressing her work — what which many call an unhealthy obsession.


Raised in the suburbs of Willowdale, Virgina, Jane Foster had the semi-average upbringing. She lost her mother at an early age and was raised wholly by her doting father, a career research professor at the nearby Culver University. It was inevitable she'd mirror her father and inherit all his interests, discovering at quite young an age her natural proficiency in the sciences. She was especially boring as a teenager, devoted to her academics and never really one for hobbies — save for stargazing with her father.

She was finishing her undergrad at Culver when the tiny Foster family received the unfortunate news of her father's illness: an undetected brain tumour that gave him six months. He only survived three, with Jane there by his side; she was working on her honours thesis in the hospice room when he finally slipped away. She took her father's death hard, though to family friends, Jane seemed to be enduring in stride, focused on her work. But she was in shock, felt like an orphan, and was deteriorating inside — letting herself simply go numb.

Fortunately, she found rescue, and her father's old friend, Erik Selvig — an astrophyicist lecturer at Culver — knew better. He began regular, forced visitations which dragged Jane out of her self-denying hell, and slowly assumed a role in her life. He soon became a mentor and rock to Jane, who found herself impassioned to specialize in his field.

She continued her post-grad work under him, and in turn, Erik found himself with a surrogate daughter. And Jane flourished in the following years, professionally and academically, demonstrating even as a student the ability to release published work after published work, generating theories and ideas that strenuously tested the present theories of astrophysics. She also had her first, serious relationship in Dr. Donald Blake, a young medical resident who won, and ultimately broke, Jane's very inexperienced heart.

Happily given up on personal relationships, she concentrated on her doctoral work and graduated, soon receiving staggering offers to join applied laboratories all over the world. Even NASA was at her door. Erik was pretty sure Jane would be heading their way.

So count his disbelief — with that of many others — for her to choose independent research, Jane struck with a near overnight obsession between theoretical links between auroral phenomena and Einstein-Rosen bridges. Erik thought she was joking. Jane took more than a little offence to that. She used her father's inheritance and what little amassed grant money (given only on her reputation alone) to skip out to the middle of nowhere in Puente Antiguo, New Mexico. Following what she believed was a staggering wealth of evidence, she set up shop, bought and began building her own equipment, and hired an intern — Darcy Lewis.

She was the only applicant.

There the two women chased New Mexico storms, again and again and again. Living out of a trailer, Jane refused to quit — and her gut led her right when the proposed phenomena began occurring at frequent rates. She pleaded Erik to fly in to finally show him she isn't joking, forced Darcy to drive the three of them into a tornado, and hit a shirtless hobo with her truck. Twice.

Introduced to them as Thor, the Norse god of thunder, Jane found herself with a very strange and impractical fascination for the crazy man. Trusting her gut led her so far, and she decided to trust it again, wrestling against all common sense to trust his declarations — that he was some landed god from an Einstein-Rosen bridge denied his supernatural powers — and decided to assist his strange quest in returning them. It got her research eyed by a strange government agency named S.H.I.E.L.D, that confiscated all of Jane's work, equipment, and notes. Not to mention, Darcy's iPod.

Thor managed to return her kindness by returning Jane her notebook, and though she still did not have any evidence he was some ancient, celebrated god, she found herself captivated and believing his confirmation of life beyond Earth, and the existence of a great Einstein-Rosen bridge that links countless realms.

Then Thor's very godly friends showed up. Then Thor's malevolent brother sent a giant fireball-spitting angry robot to raze Puente Antiguo. Jane was pretty much convinced, when, upon laying his life to help her little town, the crazy truck-hit hobo reclaimed his worthiness and was restored to larger-than-life godhood. Unfortunately, as soon as the truth came to light, he had to leave — to go save his own realm and stop a genocide.

Jane never saw him again. She tried looking for him through her obsessed work, but soon she ate the rest of her funds, and few believed her to give her any grants. She assumed S.H.I.E.L.D had a hand in that. So count Jane not entirely surprised, and maybe even a little resigned, when after a good year of struggling to perpetuate her newfound Foster Theory (which at this point was not being measured well with failing equipment, and she could no longer even afford Darcy), the G-men approached her to work for them. They will pay her to prove her theory, which is that the Earth is immeasurably linked to other realms, and the bridge exists — and can be opened — to bring civilization into a new age. Or so Jane thought.

Feeling her hand a bit forced, she nonetheless accepted. And relocated to New York City, given rent in Brooklyn and allowed management of a covert lab. Sworn to nondisclosure, and effectively consigning herself and all her things as S.H.I.E.L.D property, Jane continued on her work. To her, it's a necessary evil to have her theory proven and have her research see the light of day. This work is what she lives for. It's the reason why she was fated to look up at the stars.

IC History

Character Details

Jane Foster has the soul of an explorer. Restless and fearless and insatiably curious, she is not a woman consigned to lay roots but seek "home" inside a journey. She is obsessed with the stars, and now given evidence of vast worlds beyond Earth, has made her life pursuit to bridge the barriers of time and distance — and unite the universe for her to discover.

An astrophysicist and engineer, Jane is happily married to her work — and treats it more as a raison d'etre. She believes her genius is Promethean in nature, meant to warm the Earth and its people by bringing them better fires, but there is also her own selfish component: she wants to learn. She /needs/ to learn. Her mind is voracious, and its gluttony to ingest new subjects is never satisfied. Without a constructive outlet, Jane would quickly and easily become the epitome of "genius falling into madness", unable to do anything but turn her desperate intelligence onto anything around her in the hopes to find new "projects" or means to occupy her mind. Left alone for too long, and she may start dissecting the toaster.

Of course, this scientific devotion has come with its downside, and outside her work, Jane is a little pathetic, almost the archetypal "loner genius" who has dismissed much of the world in favour of her own mind. Her environment and life almost directly reflect the state of her mind: congested, cluttered, and hopelessly disorganized, filled to the brim with odd and errant objects that have all briefly, at some time, won her full attention. Though many concede to find her odd, reserved, and slavishly (monstrously) protective of her work, Jane is known to be somewhat level-headed, if not sometimes stubborn, gentle, and well-meaning.






  • Jane Foster sources directly from the MCU (with a few comic homages mixed in). Background only pulls from the first Thor movie. Sorry, Thor 2!
  • She is a huge nerd. If it is part of nerd culture, Jane probably knows about it, probably has it, probably loves it. Her Skyrim save is in the hundreds of hours.
  • NYC transit still befuddles her. Why do the lines all change on the weekends?!
  • Jane hates HYDRA more than anything.
  • Current triggers: dishonesty of any kind, mind control, improper or irresponsible conduct of the scientific process.
  • She still hopes to one day see space.

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