Portrayed by Chloe Blanchard
Full Name Xiaoyi Chen
Age 19
Height 5'6"
Build Lithe
Eyes Dark brown
Hair Black
Skin Tan
Factions Inhumans, Titans


She's far too new to have accomplished anything of widespread noteworthiness.


She's been talked up amongst Ennilux employees and a few inhumans as being particularly powerful in spite of her newness, and also remarkably intelligent, but she's had little contact with the wider community.


Xiaoyi Chen spent most of her life on a working farm in a village located in Wulingyuan, Hunan Province. Her parents wanted a son; what they got instead was a daughter who was never satisfied with the life that chance had allotted her. She wanted books, information, education. She wanted access to the wider world. They loved her because they were her parents, but the disconnect between their world and the one she sensed could belong to her was so vast that no one was ever truly happy, least of all Xiaoyi.

When the Terrigen mist swept through her village and left her changed, she was presented with the opportunity to leave that life behind, and take a chance on making a better life for herself elsewhere. She took that chance, letting her parents believe she had perished as a result of the violent explosion of her home (a drastic act taken to try to avoid capture by armed men), and leaving with Reader — an inhuman who promised her he had the answers she needed to make sense of what she'd become.

That didn't quite go to plan, but then, what does? And so Xiaoyi — codename 'Iso' — finds herself abroad, newly arrived in America and seeking to find a place for herself, more or less alone.

Character Details

Xiaoyi's mind rules her entire life. Her intellect allows her to be self-sufficient and confident, but it — along with her history of dissatisfaction with controlling parents and a life that did not sate her need to learn about the world around her — has made her fiercely protective of her own independence. She doesn't talk as much in mixed company as many others, but she is always, always paying attention.

In spite of her frequent appearance of reserve, she has a sharp sense of humor and no shortage of courage, or affection for those who earn it.


Image Name Relation Information
3h0GsdB.jpg Impulse Teammate Friendly. Enthusiastic. Energetic. He seems the type who might burst at the seams if he were ever made to sit still for long.
Dg8DTJR.jpg Caitlin Fairchild Teammate A young woman of intimidating stature, and a warm personality that's quick to make people forget to be intimidated. Xiaoyi isn't sure that taking her up on her offer of physical training is the smartest idea in terms of self-preservation, but she has no doubts it'll be effective…and anyway, the world can never have too many women who are engineers in it.
h0sh3xk.jpg Red Robin Recruiter The man with the plan and the terrible jokes. Red Robin's solicitation of Xiaoyi's interest in the Titans may have changed the course of her life for the immediate future — and who knows? Maybe forever. Several awful experiences since her terrigenesis have left her justifiably wary of people in authority, but Red Robin has an unassuming way about him that projects both competence and personal restraint. It helps to put her mind at ease. Only time will tell if that's a terrible mistake.
dMgXt70.jpg Spider-Man Teammate They haven't met. All Xiaoyi knows about him is what the Daily Bugle reported: that he got into a fight with children while the rest of the Titans were taking on super-villains. The fact that Red Robin decided to let her continue to operate under this misconception surely won't have awkward consequences for anyone in the future.
oBye2PE.jpg Zatanna Zatara Teammate She's an honest-to-god magician. They don't know one another very well yet, but Zatanna occupies a world vastly different from the one Xiaoyi knows best, and that automatically makes her interesting.


You have to learn to pace yourself
You're just like everybody else
You've only had to run so far
So good
But you will come to a place
Where the only thing you feel
Are loaded guns in your face
And you'll have to deal with


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