Portrayed by
Full Name Bartholemew "Bart" Allen
Age 18 (6)
Height 5'7"
Build Lanky
Eyes Amber
Hair Brown
Skin Caucasian
Factions Titans

Claim to Fame

Grandson of the legendary Barry Allen.


Manchester, Alabama's own speedster superhero! Occasionally mistakenly labeled 'Kid-Flash' in other circles, much to his annoyance. Also the one that most other superheroes who know his rep don't want to be stuck dealing with.


Ordinary people that find themselves gifted with extraordinary powers- it's an occurrence that calls upon those who find themselves with said powers to make a choice to use it for the greater good, or take advantage of it. The power of the original Flash is that of superhuman speed, and that power becomes inherited by the grandson of Barry Allen, the second Flash- and not only a fraction of it, but the full capabilities that Barry had also wielded. While Barry himself never saw what his grandson Bartholomew (Bart for short) would become capable of, his wife Iris risked much to save the boy from a premature death. First taken by an alien race called the Dominators to be experimented upon, the young Bart was freed by the government of Earth, only to have new interest in his powers sparked, and so he was isolated from his family, intended to be formed into a hero, or perhaps even cloned.

It wasn't such a simple matter as super-speed. Bart's hyper-metabolism had become a major issue. Since he had no idea how to shut it off, use of his super-speed caused him to age at a rapid pace. By the time he was in age, a toddler, he looked like a teenager. To bypass the problems this could cause mentally, the boy was plugged into a virtual reality that fed him necessary information at an enhanced speed to match his rapid growth rate. All that Bart had ever known to that point was the product of imagined scenarios- his life as he knew it was basically a video game. As an unfortunate result, he wouldn't fully comprehend how dangerous the real world could be. It also didn't do a thing for the boy's rapid aging process. At the rate things were going, he'd die an old man long before another year would go by.

Refusing to let that happen, Iris, being Bart's only relative of contact, took matters into her on hands, freeing Bart and using time travel to take him back to the twentieth century where she hoped to get her nephew, Wally West a.k.a. the current Flash, to help Bart learn how to control his powers. While they made the jump correctly, something occurred during the transition, separating Bart from his grandma. Alone and overstimulated from racing across the globe nonstop, the Flash was finally able to track him down and help the boy stabilize before he tore himself apart.

From that point Bart jumped right into the business of being a hero, and the Flash quickly realized that the job that Iris had hoped to task him with wasn't going to be an easy one. That job eventually was passed to an older, more experienced speedster by name of Max Mercury who took on the mantle of Bart's guardian and mentor, moving with him out to nowhereseville in Manchester, Alabama where much to the kid's horror, he's forced to try living out a normal life as a normal human being.

Character Details

Living in a virtual reality for the majority of your life definitely has its affects on a person. As a result, Bart is a bit of a reckless sort. True to his alias, the boy acts impulsively, charging full throttle into things without a thought for the worst. Wally West even coined a name for it- the Single Synapse Theory; the first spark of a thought launched completely into action without hesitation. The kid's all improvisation and reflex, working things out as he goes along. His mind still works as though he's playing one giant video game. While it might be a chaotic mess initially, Bart's learned how to handle himself well enough from his fighting alongside fellow Speedsters like the Flash and Max Mercury that he usually manages for things to come out the way they should. Most of the time. He possesses a strong sense of justice as befitting a hero-to-be, although he tends to be more intent on the "beat down the bad guys" aspect of it all. If things don't quite go the way he expects it to, he doesn't give up, although he might sulk or glare about it for a while, but even that can get boring.

Yes, he's impatient as one would expect someone with the name "Impulse" to be. He'd rather be doing than thinking, and he's always happy to go all out once he's given the rein. Please don't think him to be stupid, however. Just because he prefers to act without real consideration, it doesn't mean he won't bother to think at all. Even though it seems he's not listening to the advice given, he does take it to heart, sometimes whether he realizes it or not. So his attempts to be discreet could use a little work, but his heart's in the right place.


Image Name Relation Information
Caitlin Fairchild Super Tall "I know it can be done, it's totally doable— I bet we can make this work, like, heckin' radical."
Superboy Punk is In "And there's only one cat who has my number, and she's still in prison, I think."
Iso Pigeon-sploder "You'd think I'd be more used to that sort of thing, spending a few months at Xavier's."
Luke Cage Boss Man "I'm pretty simple like that, I give my trust easily. But if you lose it? You're out. Got it?"
Sloane Albright Fish Girl "Though it takes forever to get that 'East River' smell out of your hair, you know what I mean?"
Owen Mercer ??? "I've taken on much worse than a little Flash puppy."
Spider-Guy Menace to Children "So did we like — I mean, I don't think we've discussed it as a team, and maybe now's not the best time to bring it up, but I was thinking — don't we need a theme song?"
Spoiler geahggeoahf "It's weird and it's confusing and none of it is your fault in the slightest, and I'm sorry."
Red Robin Closet Gamer "The Titans are a legacy team, you know. 'Titans Together!' was their rallying cry back in the stone ages when it was, like, the first Robin, and Speedy, and they had flip phones and rode into battle on dinosaurs."
Wonder Girl Wonder Tigress "Who wants to PROWL with Wonder Tigress?"

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