Portrayed by Cody Christian
Full Name Robert Louis Drake
Age 25
Height 5'8"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Skin Lightly Tanned
Factions X-Men


Currently Unknown


Bobby's reputation depends entirely on who you talk to. To the world at large, it's pretty much 'Who?' though some might have heard of Iceman, especially in Los Angeles. To some of the girls he dated over the years, he might be considered a jerk. To others at Xavier's, he was a class clown or a deeply unhappy guy hiding behind a facade of being a class clown (telepaths and empaths could have picked this up). He's left the school a few times but keeps returning.


Bobby had two secrets that he kept from everybody, including his parents. One he had known for years, the other was recent. The latter was the one that brought him to the attention of Charles Xavier. He was the youngest student at the school at the time and the youngest of the first X-Men. An understandable immaturity combined with hiding who he really was led him to adopting a class clown persona that he eventually outgrew. Mostly.

Despite the above, he did take his responsibilities as an X-Man very seriously and devoted himself to mastering his abilities. Less successful but still adequate were his academic endeavors. Not successful at all were his attempts to remake himself into something he was not, despite, or perhaps because of, his tendency to serial date one girl after another. Being thrown into the future several years did nothing to help and he left Xavier's once he graduated.

His sojourn into the real world - or as much as attending college can be considered the real world - did nothing to help him find himself and he returned to the school to teach and resume his position as an X-Man. Again, his unhappiness led him to leaving and this time he went to Los Angeles to try to redefine himself. For the first time, he stopped pretending to be someone he wasn't and dated another man. It took some time but he's now at peace with who he is and has returned to New York.

Character Details

Having played the clown for so long, it's not surprising that some of it is still part of him. But underneath that, there's a very serious young idealist who believes that the world can be a better place for everyone and that it's the job of those who have the ability to do what they can to make it happen. While he recognizes that the world is often grey, he believes there is Right and Wrong, the two sides usually coming down on what creates the most freedom and happiness for people. It's probably unsurprising that his hot button issue is prejudice and bigotry and he's started working with people and organizations to combat them.


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