Portrayed by Michael Fassbender
Full Name Marcus Milton
Age 32
Height 6'4"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Auburn
Skin Caucasian
Factions [Forthcoming]



Hyperion is a famous superhero based in New York City and among the most powerful superheroes in the world. A staunch defender of humanity and one of the many beacons in the darkness that gives hope to all who look upon him.


History Unknown. Very little is known about the being who calls himself 'Hyperion'. His history before arriving on earth is…strange and illogical in the normal parameters of this reality.

How he arrived here? in his universe, The situation was dire as his reality and another threatened to collide and destroy all that he knew. Despite all of his attemtps to save everything, the hero who called himself Hyperion was eventually renderd unconscious by the event, but not killed or destroyed; awakened only in the blackness of space…until eventually? He was somehow -pulled- into this reality by A.I.M scientists who were working on interdimensional travel..only to find Hyperion. They kept his unsconsious self in captivity, until he was able to break free and escape.

Now? Now he makes an effort to discover this world…everything was different, which means the hero known as Hyperion and the person known as Marcus Milton must now make sense of this new reality.'

Character Details

"Truth without compromise, thought without error, All things for the betterment of the whole"

This is Marcus's motto in life. His mantra, his core belief that nobody could take away from him.

Marcus Milton is a curious case. In his human identity as Marcus, he's quiet, benevolent, and that random passerby who flashes you that beautiful smile in passing and wishes that you have a good day. Just your average joe who seems to value his privacy and mostly keeps to himself. But as Hyperion? He's loud, boisterous, and does not hesitate to get the job done that needs to get done in accordance to what's right.

While he may be constantly on the go, he's truthfully a kind man with a beautiful heart who loves others far more than he will ever love himself. He's made it his mission to defend humanity and earth as his new home and neighbors. That said, he can be fiercely protective of his friends and family.

While he has a temper, it usually takes a long time for him to reach boiling point.


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