Portrayed by
Full Name Hercules Panhellenios, Alcaedus, Herakles
Age 30 (1,000+)
Height 6'5"
Build Tall and Bulky
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Skin Tanned



He was in a Disney Movie and he's recorded in Greek Legend. the name Hercules still means something, right?! Either way, in modern times, many doubt he's THE Hercules, but is still a well-known hero in New York.


Hercules, then named Alcaeus, is the son of the King of the Greek Pantheon, Zeus Panhellenios and Alcmena of Thebes in the ancient time of Greece. Now, unlike most of Zeus's escapades in the field of romance, this was more trickery. Zeus had impersonated the husband of Alcmena, and thus Hercules was truly born!

The wife of Zeus, Hera, grew into a jealous rage as she discovered her husband's adultery, and thus arguably the greatest hero of Greece had enemies before the day he was even born. In an effort to please the Goddess, Alcmena named the boy Hercules, which means 'Glory of Hera', but instead of appeasing Hera, it infuriated her even further. Thus did she send snakes to kill Hercules while he was still a baby. But even at that age, his strength far surpassed men, and he accidentally killed the snakes with his bare hands, thinking they were just playmates.

At some point, Hera took pity on Hercules when the child somehow explored too far away from his parents, and Hera nursed the baby. But, threw him aside when Hercules apparently hurt her somehow.

As he grew older, Hercules was trained in combat from some of the greatest teachers around when his legend of strength grew by the day. Somewhere along the line, he saved the life and city of a King, who gave him the hand of his daughter, Princess Megara, with whom, Hercules was very happy.

He went on many adventures, sailing with Jason and the Argonauts on the quest for the Golden Fleece, but the greatest of these adventures, which immortalized him in the legend of all, was the Twelve Labors.

Hercules was driven int oa bloodrage after a King of another nation killed his father and law and condemned his family to death, but Hera had cast a spell on Hercules, sending him into a bloodrage that he could not tell friend from foe. When he awoke, he discovered that he had murdered his own family AND the king who condemned them.

Desperate for atonement, he had cried out to his true father, Zeus, to grant him atonement for his family's death, as well as to prove himself as worthy of immortality. Thus, one of the greatest adventures in history took place: The 12 Labors.

After the Labors were completed, Hercules went on far many more adventures, but none were as challenging nor harsh on his body and soul than the Twelve Labors. Eventually, his mortal form tired, and Zeus crowned him officially before the eyes of the Pantheon as Hercules Panhellenios, Prince of Olympus, officially making him the God of Strength as well. Now in the modern day, Hercules has left Olympus, and continues his adventures on the mortal plane!

Character Details

Hercules is very confident and gregarious in just about everything he does. Larger-than-life, he enjoys the pleasures of the world and sticks to a solid hero mentality of protecting the weak and those of good-heart from the forces of evil. He believes that life is worth living every single day and that adventure is just about the only thing worth doing, lest one forget how to smile once their souls pass into Elysium.

Hercules, at his core, possesses a powerful sense of strength and duty to the righteous cause of being a hero. He will stand up for whatever is right, no matter what others may say or think or do about it. Once he's set his mind to something, it will literally take hell freezing over or simply someone having a better idea about doing the same exact thing to make him question his actions. His true strength is derived from his unbreakable courage, to stand against all odds for the sake of doing the right thing.


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