Portrayed by
Full Name Kendra Saunders
Age 21
Height 5'6"
Build Atheltic
Eyes Green
Hair Auburn Red
Skin Caucasian



Kendra has very little reputation. Hawkgirl might be known from ages past, but this particular Hawkgirl is just starting out


For Kendra Saunders her life was as normal as one could be, until she and her parents tangled with some dirty cops.

This led to Kendra's parents being killed, murdered, leaving Kendra an orphan. Eventually, after some months in an orphanage Kendra's grandfather, Speed Saunders, returned to the States and was notified of the death of Kendra's parents, and the fact that he was no her legal guardian.

Time spent in the orphanage changed Kendra along with the death of her parents. The once bright and smiling young woman was now a sullen, depressive teenager.

That depression soon led Kendra to try and commit suicide several times. It wasn't until that last time that her wish became reality and the soul known as Kendra Saunders moved into the afterlife.

Before her body could die, however, another soul took it's place - Shiera Sanders. Her Great Aunt who's own soul was trapped in a cycle of death and re-birth and now it chose to reincarnate in a less than typical manner. As such, Shiera's soul found itself shocked, confused, memories of Kendra intermixed with her own and when Shiera awoke, she no longer knew who she exactly was.

She thought she was Kendra.

But her grandfather, Speed, knew something was different. For a brief moment when Kendra first awoke her eyes were the colors of Shiera's.

Knowing this and knowing the cycle of reincarnation started again, Speed trained his 'granddaughter' in the ways of the super hero. In-between that Kendra likewise began college courses for film and photography and continued to hunt for clues about her parent's murders. Now if only she could explain all those instances of deja vu she often has.

Character Details

Kendra can come off like your typical twenty-something - sarcastic, acerbic, funny, witty and sometimes emotional. Beneath that, however, are deeper wells. There is a core of sadness, of anger and rage, to the life that she's had. To the fact her parents are gone. To the will to avenge their death.

For those marked as friend they earn her loyalty and for those that are marked as enemy they will find her a tireless presence intent on bringing them down.

Now, if only she could reconcile and understand the moments where her thoughts feel both alien and completely right at the same time. Those snippets of deja vu that overtake her, sometimes causing her to see things differently, hear a voice that doesn't sound like her own, but which she knows without a doubt is her voice. It can be so confusing.


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